Faculty Engagement

There are many opportunities for faculty members to engage in Service-Learning and community- based research. The Office of Service-Learning supports faculty development through training workshops, conferences, publications, retreats, as well as the anp1nual US Delegation. We recognize our faculty members' achievements through the Service-Learning Award and Mini-Grant, supporting them to continue their research and community involvement.


As part of our mission to cultivate engagement, we want to help faculty members find the resources they need to participate in Service-Learning opportunities, collaborate with others, or initiate a great idea.


U.S. Delegation

Since Service-Learning will become a graduation requirement in 2016-2017 at Lingnan University , the Office of Service-Learning holds an annual Delegation to study Service-Learning development in the United States. This is an excellent opportunity to examine liberal arts teaching methods and Service-Learning within foreign universities. Service-Learning p2is truly one of a kind; its combination of rigorous academic study with voluntary community service increases students' performance levels and reinforces their academic study through the process of critical thought and self-reflection.


Delegates will witness first-hand how Service-Learning offers all its stakeholders, including students, program coordinators, service agencies and courses instructors, a chance to take part in active education, while addressing the needs of communities.


Faculty Retreat (Annually)

The Faculty Retreat is an opportunity to bring faculty members together across the departments to collaborate and explore the best practices of Service-Learning. In the past, Faculty Retreat was in the form of the visit of local social enterprises, participation in on-going Service-Learning projects, community engagement, or participation in workshops.


The Office of Service-Learning will partner with Crossroads Foundation for the next Faculty Retreat, inviting faculty members to participate in experiential learning through the Global X-perience. Faculty members will briefly step "into the shoes," through simulation, of those who are in need. Following the simulation, faculty members will have a reflection workshop, discussing how they can incorporate Service-Learning into their work and engage the community more.


Faculty-Community Luncheon

To engage our faculty members with the community in research or Service-Learning, the Office of Service-Learning will organize the Faculty-Community Luncheon. With the support from our community partners, participating faculty members will have a chance to meet and connect with community partners for future collaborations and to know more about the development of a social enterprise in Hong Kong. The Faculty-Community Luncheon will be an opportunity for faculty members to know more about the needs of our community, and to meet new partners and develop own Service-Learning pedagogy.


Academic Seminars/ Workshops

In order to provide scholars and practitioners with a platform to exchange ideas on publication opportunities and assessment in Service-Learning, the Office of Service-Learning organize the academic seminars/workshops for faculty members which aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning by using Service-Learning as a pedagogy in promoting a real-life experiential classroom.