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List of Staff

Name (click name for more information)

Position E-mail and phone number
Prof. Albert KO Director

2616 8059

Dr. Aloysius Wilfred Raj AROKIARAJ Associate Programme Director

2616 8078

Dr. LEE Man Ying, Nicole Associate Programme Director

2616 8053

Dr. Jasper VAN HOLSTEIJN Associate Programme Director

2616 8065

Mr. CHAN Wing Fung, Chad Programme Manager

2616 8074

Ms. LAU Belinda Soon Khoon Programme Manager

2616 8079

Ms. NG Aik Min Programme Manager

2616 8056

Ms. LEE Yee Ting, Sagino Assistant Administrative Manager II

2616 8073

Mr. LO Chun Kwong, Adrian Product Design Lead

2616 8075

Mr. LAM Chi Yin, Edward Senior Project Engineer

2616 8066

Mr. CHU Tsz Fai, Jimmy Project Engineer

2616 8072

Ms. CHAN Yuen Man, Sharon

Project Officer

2616 8060

Ms. CHIU Cheuk Ning, Fish Project Officer

2616 8051

Ms. NG Yat Ching, Kati Project Officer

2616 8071

Ms. TSANG Wing Ni, Aka Project Officer

2616 8067

Ms. TSE Pui Yu, Helen Project Officer

2616 8076