Our Students
Mr. PANG Ka Lam, Eddie (Department of Chinese)

Teaching Assistant (TA)


Learning is fun. However, can students enjoy learning when it is also combined with hours of homework and examinations? This question is often in the mind of Mr. PANG Ka Lam, Eddie, who served as a TA in the course “Classical Chinese Fiction”. By helping to facilitate the course’s Service-Learning project, Eddie was given the opportunity to understand the experiences of university professors for the first time and explore the answer to the above question.


At first, Eddie worried that the Service-Learning students were only engaging in Service-Learning to fulfill the course requirement. However, this concern faded away when he observed the interaction between the Service-Learning students and the service recipients, the elderly. “Students had to write a short novel for elderly with stage 1 dementia. Their stories were collected through a variety of methods, including interviews, data collection, and writing. I was glad to see the students playing and talking with the elderly. It was clear that they developed a close relationship.”

Mr. WONG Tsun Wai, Sunny (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Project Trainee (PT)


In recent years, some people have criticized the unsatisfactory job performance of the 90s, resulting from employees’ poor working attitude, inability to overcome setbacks, immaturity and selfishness. While these criticisms may be biased, it is imperative that schools strive to develop students who not only acquire knowledge from books, but also demonstrate a positive working attitude and skill-set. In doing so, students can be well-prepared for entering the workforce before graduation. In order to encourage Lingnan students to integrate social awareness into their daily life, the OSL created the position of PT, to provide students a unique working experience.


Through his PT work, Sunny not only gained real workplace experience, but also had the opportunity to connect with the elderly. His experience even changed his perspective toward the elderly. “In the past, I thought that elderly would not be able to fit certain roles and positions in society. However, after working closely with them, I realized that many elderly are versatile. Others may think that the other PTs and I were helping the elderly handle different kinds of administrative works. However, what others do not know, is that we learned the most through our communication with them,” he explained.

Ms. NG Wing Yan, Winnie (Department of Finance and Insurance)

Young Scholars' Community-Based Research Program


When we are young, we love to ask adults many questions. As we grow older, society faces new and evolving problems that were different from those of our childhood. As adults, do we explore the origin of evolving problems and find solutions to address these issues? Through participating in the Young Scholars’ (YS) Community-Based Research Program, Ms. NG Wing Yan, Winnie had the opportunity to integrate her academic knowledge and passion to contribute to positive change in the community.


Winnie stated, “I not only shared the achievements of my research with other students, but also invited peers to organize a campus visit for individuals with visual impairments during the Equal Opportunities Awareness Week at Lingnan University. Through their interaction with individuals with visual impairments, students recognized that these group of people have many similar life experiences as those without visual impairments.” From this experience, Winnie was happy to see that her research encouraged other students to care about individuals with visual impairments and changed the public’s perception of this group of people.

Ms. NGAI Hiu Lam, Helen (Marketing)

Teaching Assistant (TA)


OSL has provided me with various chances to serve others and learn though different projects. It is true that you can learn and grow more through actions as well as through reflections.  I have experienced how to organize and present my ideas through the SLP 101 course, Community Engagement through Service-Learning. I used to be shy and often worried about making presentations This course has turned me into a much more confident and mature person, and now I have more confident in making presentations.  OSL also provided me a chance to be part of their office as a teaching assistant.  This position not only enriched my CV, but it also helped me to enhance communication skills with a variety of different parties, along with improving my time management. 

Ms. NGAN Tsz Ching, Bridget (Social and Public Policy)

Project Trainee (PT) and IARSLCE Conference


Service-Learning is an interesting way to learn. It allows me to apply the knowledge that I learn inside the classroom to the service I am doing outside of the classroom. Thus, Service-Learning is very meaningful. Moreover, I work as a Project Trainee (PT) to help organize different programs such as the Cultural Service Learning Ambassadors and the Elderly Academy. These experiences inspired me to create a research report examining how Service-Learning can encourage community engagement. OSL has given me the opportunity to present this research at an international academic conference in the United States.

Ms. CHAN Chui Ling, Ling (Visual Studies)

Teaching Assistant (TA) and SLSA


I am Ling, a final year student now! I was a Project Trainee (PT), Teaching Assistant (TA) and committee member of SLSA, the student association of the Office of Service-Learning, in my university life. OSL also gave me the opportunity to join a mentoring programme and attend a Delegation Conference in the United States. OSL gave me a lot of opportunities to explore different aspects of work and real world situations. My experience in OSL allowed me to grow and enjoy my university life. OSL also prepared me for my career. OSL gives students a platform to participate in different kinds of activities - not only academic programmes, but social affairs and experiences as well. OSL staff serve an active role, as they train students and share their experiences with us. They encourage students to develop and increase their leadership and professional skills. It is such a comprehensive department. It allows students to develop physically and mentally.

Ms. CHUI Kin Yi, Coke (Contemporary Social Issues and Policy)

Teaching Assistant (TA)


Hello, I am Coke. Being a Teaching Assistance (TA) is the start of an amazing journey. OSL provides me with many learning opportunities. I can gain professional skills from development and career trainings; learn more about a useful academic learning method; and build stronger social networks with both local and overseas stakeholders. My leadership, communication and time management skills have significantly improved since I became a TA.