Trailblazer Program
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Program Highlights

The Trailblazer Program is another key feature of the Office of Service-Learning (OSL)’s programs for undergraduate students with Service-Learning experience*. The Trailblazer Program began in 2006 with just a small handful of students and programs.  Each summer, over 70 students from both Lingnan and partner universities serve and learn in locations all over the world, including Beijing, Taiwan, India, Korea, the United States, etc. 


Global Citizenship Education is the main focus of the Trailblazer Program. Students who are selected to participate in the program need to address global issues in a local setting through an international platform. In addition to the program work in different countries, training and sharing sessions are provided for participants to facilitate cross-cultural exchange and the understanding of Global Citizenship Education. Learning to be a global citizen will help students prepare for the upcoming social and civic challenges and will enable them to achieve greater civic engagement and social responsibility.


*Service-Learning experience refers to Service-Learning and Research Scheme (SLRS)





Through joining the Trailblazer Program, students are provided a global platform to build upon the attitudes, skills and knowledge that they have gained from doing Service-Learning in the past. In brief, the objectives are to:

  • - Encourage global citizenship and social responsibility
  • - Promote and cultivate the concept of Service-Learning internationally
  • - Provide cross-border education opportunities for students
  • - Develop positive attitudes, necessary skills, and academic knowledge for becoming a future community leader
  • - Create linkages between academic knowledge and real social issues

What you can gain:

  • - A chance to further develop your personal skills and learn about the concept of global citizenship
  • - Experience Service-Learning in a cross-cultural context
  • - International friendship and a chance to be an ambassador of Hong Kong
  • - Partial/full program cost sponsorship