Cross-Border Service-Learning Summer Institute (SLSI)

Program Highlights

CLE9027 (replace SLP1201 from 2015-16) Cross-Border Service-Learning Summer Institute (SLSI) is a 8-week summer course (with 3 credits) that has been offered for four years. In the Institute, Lingnan University (HK) students have a great chance to cooperate with exchange students from universities in mainland China, Japan, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and the U.S., etc.


Since 2012, Global Citizenship Education has been integrated as a main theme in the Institute through a cross-border platform. All participants learn to be global citizens to prepare for the coming social and civic challenges, and spur great civic engagement and social responsibility.


The Institute incorporates various study elements, including guest lectures, research, discussion, agency visits, and Service-Learning practicum with cross-cultural interaction. Students will also engage in a Service-Learning tour in Mainland China.


Please note that in the summer 2016-17 we will not offer this course.





Institute Objectives

The objectives of the SLSI – Global Citizenship Education:







  • Increase students’ awareness and appreciation of other cultures
  • Facilitate students’ understanding of current social issues, in particular ageing and social entrepreneurship from a cross-cultural perspective and equip them with related skills
  • Help students better understand concepts related to Service-Learning, become global citizens and conduct research in the community;
  • Develop students’ sense of social responsibility and commitment to the community