Risk and Safety Guidelines

All special cases should be reported to the department and the OSL should be informed and recorded.



Unfavorable health condition
If you possess illness or a special health condition that affects the attendance or service provision, kindly report to your course instructor and choose a suitable project. If the special health condition happened after the project starts, you should report to your course instructor and seek doctor's consultation immediately.



Illness / Injury / Accident
If you encounter illness / injury / accidents during the time of service provision, you are strongly advised to visit the hospital / clinic for medical treatment until the condition is allowed for discharge. The accident case should also be reported to the department and the University for follow-up action.


Obtain the clinic original rescript showing the name of the patients, diagnosis, amount of the payment, date of consultation and the description of each service rendered for recording and / or proceed necessary insurance claim.



Crime Case
If any suspected crime case happens during the time of the service practicum no matter if it is student being accused of a crime or students being a victim of a crime, the cases should be reported to police. Course instructors should follow-up on the case with the department, and determine if the student should continue the service practicum.



Unsatisfactory Performance / Misbehavior of Students
Insufficient class/service attendance, unsatisfactory service performance and/or misbehavior reported by the agency supervisors and/or observed by the course instructor or the OSL coordinator should communicate with relevant parties. If the unsatisfactory performance persists, the course instructor has the right to determine if the student can continue or pass the service project / course requirement.