Jan 2019

Service-Learning and Research Scheme (SLRS) Semester 2, 2018-2019


The course are now open for application. To understand more, kindly contact our staff.

You may now find the info sheet on the links below: SLC

Enquiries: Fanny at 2616 8076 /

Service-Learning as Graduation Requirement

Starting from the 2016-17 intake of first year students, S-L will become a graduation requirement. To fulfill the S-L graduation requirement, each student is required to participate in at least one course with an S-L experience before graduating.


Please click "For more info" below to know more about the Service-Learning Graduation Requirement.


To know more about Service-Learning as Graduation Requirement, please click here.

Jan 2019
SLP1101 Community Engagement through Service-Learning
SLP1101 now offers you with exciting learning experience with 3 credits. Come join us in this S-L journey, splash a change on campus with what you study!

Enquiries: Constance at 2616 8079 /
Jan 2018
SSC3319 Junior Research Project
Students have the option to include an S-L component in their project. The student will work
with a suitable community partner in consultation with the supervisor to incorporate their
research needs into the project.

Enquiries: Fanny at 2616 8076 /