Service-Learning as Graduation Requirement

Starting from the 2016-17 intake of first year students, S-L will become a graduation requirement. To fulfill the S-L graduation requirement, each student is required to participate in at least one course with an S-L experience before graduating. The types of courses with an S-L experience are:


1) Departmental S-L courses offered by Departments (Curriculum-based/Co-curricular S-L courses)
2) S-L courses co-taught by the OSL and Departments (Problem-based/Community-based S-L courses)
3) S-L courses offered by the OSL
4) S-L courses offered by overseas institutions and approved by either the Director of OSL or Head of Department for BA students or Programme Directors for BBA/BSocSc students

To Fulfill the S-L requirement, students have to:

S-L Graduation Requirement

Please click here to download the courselist for Term 2018-19 Semester 2.


I am not a freshman. Do I need to fulfill Service-Learning Requirement?



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