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How to sign up for a S-L course and project & submit documents for S-L graduation requirement

Steps for signing up for Service-Learning courses and projects for 1st semester 2023-2024 and fulfilling part of the Service-Learning graduation requirement:


Action Deadline
1. Sign up for one of the courses in the list of upcoming Service-Learning courses* During the regular course sign-up period and add/drop period
2. Register for a specific Service-Learning project for this course by using the same course ADD/DROP system. You can find the S-L project information and CRN in the info sheet in your course's Moodle. 
The online registration system can be accessed through Lingnan University’s Intranet Portal (MyLingnan Portal)
Guideline for Service-Learning Online Registration
Between 8 September (Fri), 10:00 -23:59 and 11 September (Mon), 00:00 -16:00
3. Fill in the pre-test questionnaire (a link will be provided to you by your Service-Learning coordinator at the start of the semester) 18 September, 23:59
4. Track the hours you spend on the Service-Learning project (training, collaboration with agency, assignments, presentations,  etc.) regularly for yourself (by way of an Excel sheet, Word document, or written note) and submit the overview by 4 December, 23:59. We will update you on how to submit these hours at the end of the Term. Track regularly during the Term, submission on 4 December, 23:59
5. Fill in the post-test questionnaire (a link will be provided to you by your Service-Learning coordinator at the end of the semester) 4 December, 23:59
6. Submit reimbursement materials (if applicable, more information will be provided by your Service-Learning coordinator) 4 December, 23:59

* Upcoming Service-Learning courses are subject to change


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