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Upcoming Service-Learning Courses

List of Courses with S-L Elements in Term 1, 2020-21*

Course Code

Course Title


ACT4001 Accounting Practicum SC
BUS4301 Strategic Management SC
CHI3237 News Writing SC
CLA9011 Issues in Audiovisual Translation & Culture SO
CLC9006 Law and Governance SC
CLA9021 Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Global Grand Challenges SC
CLE9025 Understanding Life and Happiness SO
CUS3112 Culture and Literary Imagination SO
CUS3310 Media, Culture & Society SO
HRM3352 Leadership and Teamwork SC
HST3208 History of Hong Kong from 1941 SC
LUE3002 PLATFORMx: A 21st Century Medium of Communication SC
SLP1101 Community Engagement through Service-Learning SC
SOC3002 Family and Society SC
SOC3203 Social Gerontology SO
SSC3319 Junior Research Project SO
TRA3209 Translation of Texts in Popular Culture SO

* Tentative list, subject to changes