LACEY, Micheál

PhD Student

Welcome to my Lingnan Philosophy Page. I am currently a first year PhD student in the Philosophy Department at Lingnan University and was fortunate to receive the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Award from the Research Grants Council.

The provisional title of my proposed research is On the Possibility of Naturalising Metaphysics. In general, I’m unclear in what way metaphysics, whether conceived naturalistically or non-naturalistically, can be grounded and further, what its proper relationship to the sciences should be.  I’m cautiously critical of the tendency in contemporary analytic philosophy to try to naturalise aspects of philosophy traditionally thought to be immune. Centrally, then, I’m concerned with issues in the epistemology of metaphysics, metaphilosophy and the philosophy of science.

Prior to coming to Lingnan, I worked as a Philosophical Counsellor in Ireland. I set up Philosophical Counselling Ireland as part of an attempt to promote the practical applicability, and therapeutic viability, of philosophy in contemporary life. The desire to return to academia to explore issues in the epistemology of metaphysics led me to Professor Darrell Rowbottom, who is now my main supervisor, and Dan Marshall, who is my co-supervisor.

My master’s research focused on the philosophy of science and psychoanalysis. I explored the history of the philosophy of science in an attempt to establish criteria by which the scientificity of psychodynamic theory could be assessed. I worked with Dr. Seamus Murphy (who is now an associate professor at Loyola University Chicago) at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin.

I have since been interested in the relationship between philosophy and science and the related epistemological and metaphysical matters. I am therefore thrilled to be in the philosophy department at Lingnan.

Less relevant to my current work, but still pertinent, I also have keen interests in the philosophy of religion.

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Research Areas

  • Metaphilosophy
  • The Epistemology of Metaphysics
  • The Philosophy of Science
  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology

Areas of Interest

  • Philosophy of Religion

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or suggestions – especially in relation to my thesis topic – but also on chess, kickboxing and Irish music!


Micheál Lacey
Department of Philosophy
Lingnan University
8 Castle Peak Road
Tuen Mun
New Territories
Hong Kong


(+353) 833037284; (+852) 59379050