Representative Publications


Research faculty

Prof. BAKER Derek

  • Skepticism about Ought Simpliciter. Oxford Studies in Metaethics  Ed. R. Shafer-Landau. Oxford University Press (2018): 230-52.
  • Expression and Guidance in Schroeder’s Expressivist Semantics. Erkenntnis 83 (2018): 829-52.
  • Review of Free Will and Action Explanation, by Scott Sehon. Australasian Journal of Philosophy ​96 (2018): 41-43.

Prof. CHIU Wai-wai

  • Chiu, Wai Wai. 2019. “Spontaneity, Perspectivism and Anti-intellectualism in the Zhuangzi.” Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 18 (3): 393-409.
  • Chiu, Wai Wai. 2018. “Zhuangzi’s Knowing-How and Skepticism.” Philosophy East and West 68 (4): 1062-1084.
  • Chiu, Wai Wai. 2016. “Zhuangzi’s idea of ‘spirit’: acting and ‘thinging things’ without self-assertion.” Asian Philosophy 26 (1): 38-51.


  • “Generalized Update Semantics”, Mind.
  • “A Theory of Conditional Assertion”, Journal of Philosophy.
  • “Conditional Heresies”, with Fabrizio Cariani, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.


  • ‘A Puzzle for Modal Realism’, Forthcoming in Philosopher’s Imprint.
  • ‘Humean Laws and Explanation’, Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.
  • ‘An Analysis of Intrinsicality’, Forthcoming in Nous.


  • Pettersson, M. (2018) ‘Seeing Depicted Space (or Not)’, in Evaluative Perception, eds. A. Bergqvist and R. Cowan, Oxford University Press
  • Pettersson, M. (2017) ‘Capturing Shadows: On Photography, Causation and Absences’, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 95(2), 256-269
  • Livingston, P. & M. Pettersson (2016) ‘Thought Experiments in Aesthetics’, in A Companion to Applied Philosophy, eds. K. Brownlee, D. Coady, and K. Lippert-Rasmussen, Wiley-Blackwell

Prof. ROWBOTTOM Darrell

  • The Instrument of Science: Scientific Anti-Realism Revitalised, London: Routledge (2019)
  • ‘What Is (Dis)Agreement?’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 97, 223–236 (2018)
  • ‘A Methodological Argument Against Scientific Realism’, Synthese (In Press)

Prof. SAUCHELLI Andrea

  • The Will to Make-Believe: Religious Fictionalism, Religious Beliefs, and the Value of Art, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 96, 3 (2018): 620-635.
  • Animalism, Abortion, and a Future Like Ours, Journal of Ethics 23, 3 ​(2019): 317-22.
  • Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons: An Introduction and Critical Inquiry (London and New York: Routledge, forthcoming)

Prof. WAXMAN Daniel

  • “Supertasks and Arithmetical Truth” with Jared Warren, Philosophical Studies(forthcoming).
  • “A Metasemantic Challenge for Mathematical Determinacy” with Jared Warren, Synthese(forthcoming).
  • “Deflationism, Arithmetic, and the Argument from Conservativeness”, Mind(2017) 126: 429-463.

Prof. WONG Wai-ying

  • Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse, London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017, 279 pages.
  • 《療傷之旅 : 與你一起經歷喪親之痛》,香港:一丁文化,2015年10月,174頁。
  • “A Further Inquiry into Mou Zongsan’s Discussion on ‘Why Be Moral’” (in Chinese) in Legein Semi-Annual Journal, Vol. 57, pp. 189-204.

Prof. ZHANG Jiji

  • J. Zhang, H. Liu, and T. Seidenfeld. (2018). “Agreeing to disagree and dilation”, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning.
  • J. Zhang and P. Spirtes. (2016). “The three faces of faithfulness”, Synthese.
  • J. Zhang and K. Zhang. (2015). “Likelihood and consilience: on Forster’s counterexamples to the likelihood theory of evidence”, Philosophy of Science.

Prof. ZHENG Yujian

  • Zheng, Y.J. (2019)《规范性:思想和意义之基》(Normativity: foundation of ideas and meanings), 人民大学出版社(Renmin University Press, Beijing)
  • Zheng, Y.J. (2017), “Interpretational Paradox, Implicit Normativity, and Human Nature: Revisiting Weakness of Will from a Perspective of Comparative Philosophy”, Dao 16: 145-163.(Winner of the Dao 2017 best essay award.)
  • Zheng, Y.J. (2016), “The Swampman Puzzle and Diachronic Holism”, Philosophical Forum XLVII: 171-193.


Teaching faculty

Dr. MATTHIAS Andreas

  • In review: MATTHIAS Andreas (2019). “Brains, Machines and Human Dignity.” Special Issue of Science and Engineering Ethics: Brain-Based and Artificial Intelligence: Socio-ethical Conversations in Computing and Neurotechnology. (Abstract accepted)
  • MATTHIAS Andreas (2018). “Neural Networks Without the Math.” Joyously Aware Media, Hong Kong.
  • Matthias, Andreas (2018). [Various articles in:] Luis de Miranda (ed.) (2018). 30 Second AI and Robotics. London, Quarto / Ivy Press.

Dr. TAM Ka-hung, Thomas

  • “The Concept of the Expressionless in Benjamin’s Aesthetics” (in progress).
  • Tam Thomas, “The Death of Art: Bataille, Malraux, Hegel”, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, Vol.26, No.1, 2005.
  • Tam Thomas, “Bresson and the Problem of Mimesis”, Kinema, No.21, 2004.


Postgraduate students

Mr. AKCIN Haktan


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