SHUI, Yuan

PhD Student







I am a Ph.D. student in the Philosophy Department at Lingnan University.

My current focus is on Metaphysics, in particular the causation and laws of nature. My chief supervisor is Prof. MARSHALL Daniel Graham, and my co-supervisor is Prof. ZHANG Jiji.

I got a bachelor degree in philosophy at Xiamen University and a master of philosophy in logic at Nanjing University. I also used to be an exchange student at Cheng-Chi University in Taiwan. I have the experience of participating in General Projects of National Social Science Fund in 2014 – “Research on Theory of Experimental Knowledge,” and used to work as a research assistant of Major Projects of National Social Science Fund in 2018 – “Historical Development, Theoretical Frontiers, and Interdisciplinary of Generalized Logical Paradox.”

My master’s thesis is to address the existential presupposition in the reasoning process of the categorical proposition. It was supervised by Prof. ZHANG Jianjun. In this study, I tried to clarify two key concepts of existential import and existential presupposition of the categorical proposition, which also distinguished the semantic and pragmatic properties of the two based on the work.

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