GARANCINI, Daniele Bruno

PhD Student







Call me Daniele.

I was born in Italy, where I took a Laurea Triennale (BA) in History of Philosophy at Milan State University. I moved to Spain when I was 22 to attend the Aphil Master in Analytic Philosophy at Barcelona University. Then I went to Switzerland, where I attended the Master of Arts in Philosophy and worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano. Now I am 26, and I just started a PhD in Philosophy at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

When I am not studying Philosophy, I like to practice free climbing and play chess. My best ascent ever was a 7b boulder (V8 in the American grading system), and my Elo rating is above 1600. That makes me above-average but not extraordinary. Although I train quite a bit, I don’t wish to become an extraordinary climber or chess player. I hope I could become an extraordinary philosopher one day though. Hence, I train for that a lot more.