KONG, Chun-yin

MPhil Student







This is Kenny. I am a local Mphil student in the Department of Philosophy at Lingnan University (2021 — present). My research lies at moral philosophy, decision theory and game theory. Generally speaking, in my research project, I would like to unentangle the relationship between rationality and morality by adopting some quantitative and mechanical toolkits, such as Bayesian probability, Nash equilibrium, Pareto Optimality and Shapley value, attempting to answer the question that ‘Is morality supposed to involve strategic thinking?’.

When I am in holiday, I like to play different board games, my favorite and frequently played games are ‘The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow’ and ‘Poker’. I wish one day I am capable of applying theoretical knowledge from my studies into the poker games, and become an extraordinary player in the future, since it should complement my academic research either. Apart from that, I also enjoy watching Netflix movies, my up-to-now favorite TV series is ‘Breaking Bad’.