Research Areas

The HKCRC investigates these areas and topics:

  • Catastrophic risks (definition, quantification and comparison, risk factors)
  • Existential risks (definition, comparison among x-risks, badness of human extinction)
  • Future generations (obligations, inter-generational justice)
  • Ethics of risk imposition
  • Ethics of scientific research
  • Ethics and philosophy of AI
  • Global catastrophic biological risks
  • Decision theory (risk and uncertainty)
  • Environmental ethics (climate change, environmental risks)
  • Global health priority-setting
  • Great powers confrontation and nuclear weapons
  • Quality of life and well-being
  • Population ethics
  • Long-termism 
  • Ethics of vaccination
  • Misinformation and disinformation as catastrophic risks
  • Effective altruism
  • Collective/group agency
  • International collaboration/government
  • Comparative institutional analysis
  • Epistemic risk
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