Programme Structure ( Full-Time Study Mode )
The full-time study mode of the Master of Arts in Practical Philosophy is a 1-year MA taught programme. Students are required to take and pass 8 courses (24 credits) in one academic year in order to graduate from the programme. The maximum period of study is 2 years. Once students have been approved to study in the full-time mode will not be allowed to switch back to the part-time study mode.
Progression and Continuation of Studies
A student should be subject to a term-review by the end of the first term. A student whose Cumulative G.P.A. is below 2.33 at the term-review would be issued a warning. The student will be required to lift his/her Cumulative G.P.A to 2.33 or above by the end of the following term, otherwise he/she will be discontinued from studies.

A student who has enrolled in 8 courses but failed to satisfy the requirements for graduation will be required to pay a fee on a per course basis subsequently.
Graduation Requirement
A student will be evaluated for graduation at the conclusion of the term in which he/she must satisfy all the conditions for award and with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.67 or above.

The graduation requirements for full-time and part-time mode are the same, i.e. a student should have earned 24 credits and got a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.67 or above.

If a student is not allowed to graduate, he/she will be re-evaluated for graduation at the end of subsequent terms. The maximum period of study shall be 2 years.
Elective Courses ( each course carrying 3 credits; four elective courses will be offered in a given year )

Please note that some courses, especially those about Chinese philosophy, will be taught in Cantonese or Mandarin.

Students who want to opt for full-time study should declare their wishes before the deadline stipulated each year.
Further Enquiries
For further enquiries, please contact MA Programme Coordinator, Ms. Tsang Chiu-yu at 2616 7409.
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