Philosophical traditions (as seen by their enemies)

Neven Sesardic
(Lingnan University, Hong Kong:


French philosophy


Long gone is golden Cartesian age,

when reason in France was all the rage.

          Now itís all just a pose

          plus a large bullshit dose.

Mon Dieu, when will these clowns leave the stage?



German philosophy


German philosophy, rise and shine!

We are all dying to know das Sein.

          Itís boring but itís deep,

          and it helps you fall asleep.

Do we want to read more? Danke, nein!



Chinese philosophy


Whatís about philosophy Chinese

that puts some of us so ill at ease?

          Why does it leave us cold?

          Are we perhaps too old?

Or is it just our bad Cantonese?



Analytic philosophy


Analytic philosophers say:

ďObscurity, boo! Clarity, hurray!Ē

          Their clear writing is fine,

          yet they look asinine

with their shallowness on full display.