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MA in International Affairs (China-Africa Studies)


The Master of Arts in International Affairs (China-Africa Studies) (MAIA-CAS) programme has been revamped to become a part of the Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies (CRS) programme with two concentrations, viz. China-Africa Studies (CAS) and China and East Asia Studies (CES), starting from the academic year 2021-22 with the new tuition fee of HK$120,000. Applicants intending specialise in the concentration of China-Africa Studies can still pursue it by applying to the new programme of Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies and selecting the concentration: Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies (China-Africa Studies).

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The Concentration on China-Africa Studies (CAS) under the Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) is inspired by the strong relations between China and various African countries, particularly since the turn of the century, which have spurred fascinating global debates and created new career opportunities. CAS will provide the much-needed research and educational training for current and aspiring scholars, commentators, workers in non-governmental organisations (NGO), and civil servants who aim to improve their knowledge and academic competence on China-Africa relations to take up the emerging opportunities. Students who specialise in CAS of the MAIA programme will be able to:

► utilise diverse theoretical and conceptual approaches to explain the public and private engagements between China and Africa

► demonstrate critical awareness of the uniqueness of the relations between China and African countries in terms of the political, social, cultural, economic dimensions

► apply appropriate methodologies to carry out independent comparative research on China-Africa relations

Unique Features

An Interdisciplinary Approach

CAS incorporates key contributions from different disciplines including Political Science, Cultural Studies, Sociology, and Economics. This is to provide students with the broadest possible understanding of the relationship between China and Africa.

Comparative Perspectives

CAS focuses on China and Africa studies within broader International Relations discourse. Students will be guided to conduct small research projects which address various issues at micro, meso and macro levels emerging from China-Africa relations.

International Outlook

CAS, like the MAIA programme, is delivered by world-class scholars with vast experience in China-Africa relations through collaborative partnerships. Students shall have opportunities to regularly attend seminars and workshops led by invited international scholars and professionals on China-Africa relations. Furthermore, postgraduate students of Lingnan University can participate in various international student exchange programmes (e.g., summer school at the University of Oxford)

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