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Mode and Duration

The classes would be conducted in the form of a three-hour seminar, a mix of lecture, Q and A, discussion and presentation, with a high expectation of a close interaction between students and instructor. Students are expected to undertake responsible self-study. They need to do the weekly required readings and some presentations in classes. Discussion around the readings is a pedagogical norm. Writing a research term paper for each course is also a norm.

All classes will be conducted in English and all written work by students should be submitted in English.

Classes will be conducted on weekdays in day-times on Lingnan campus.

Articulation arrangement leading to the MAIA degree award:

Term   Programme Structure
Fall (September-December, 2021) 1 4 required courses (12 credits)
Spring (January-June, 2022) 2 4 elective courses (12 credits)
End of Spring (June, 2022)   Degree conferred if fulfilled all academic requirement
Total MAIA credits awarded: 24