The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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BBA (Hons) Programme
Stream Allocation Requirements

The BBA (Hons) Programme builds upon a basic foundation of liberal arts exposure plus business fundamentals. Students admitted to the Programme do not join streams until the second year. During their first year, students are strongly encouraged to keep an open mind about their future area of specialisation and are expected to consider various options as part of their own process of self-development. Students will have many opportunities to talk with academic staff from each department, attend departmental talks and activities and discuss their interests with students who are currently studying in each of the streams. There will be a Stream Forum in the first term of second year, followed by the stream allocation exercise, in which students will be asked to rank the streams in order of preference. Students with a high cumulative GPA will be given priority over students with lower cumulative GPA for those streams where demand for places outstrips supply of places. Students with a strong interest in a particular stream are reminded that overall academic performance, as measured by cumulative GPA, is the overriding criterion in cases where insufficient places are available to accommodate all students wishing to study a particular stream.