The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Health and Social Services Management (HSSM) Stream

This two-year UGC-funded programme offers places to students who already obtained an associate degree/a higher diploma in social science, social work, social services, criminology, public administration, health and social care, etc. 

The programme is a response to the increasing demand for health and social care services professionals. It will equip students with essential knowledge and skills to take on a wide range of jobs related to social services and healthcare in both public and private sectors.

Programme Aims #

  • Introduce students to the latest theories and practices in health and social services

  • Equip students with knowledge and skills to lead and manage health and social services projects

  • Facilitate students’ integration of theory and practice through experiential learning and internship opportunities

  • Support students to cope with a rapidly changing work environment by equipping them with latest technological knowledge including Big Data analytics skills and practices

  • Equip students with research and academic writing skills for work and further studies

    # this is an abbreviated version, please refer to HERE for the detailed version.

 Programme Structure*

Students are required to complete 4 required courses and 7 electives courses in 2 years. Students will also need to complete the Health and social service project.

Required Courses

  • Introduction to health and social care

  • Leading and managing health and social services

  • Global health

  • Sociological research methods

Examples of Electives Courses

  • Community-based social services

  • Health and social service provisions for special populations

  • Principles and practice of social policy

  • Social gerontology

  • Big data analytics for health and social service management

  • Family and society

  • Health psychology

Career Prospects

  • Project officer

  • Training officer

  • Social service administrators

  • Social service liaison officers

  • Health promotion and social service advocates

  • Public housing and ancillary facility managers

Further Studies

Lingnan University offers a MSc programme in Health and Social Services Management. Students can also apply for graduate studies in other universities including social work, nursing, public health, policy studies, social policy, occupational psychology, management, etc.

* The minimum credits for graduation of the 4-year curriculum of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) Programme is 120 credits. For Senior Year (Year 3 direct entry) admittees from local sub degree programmes accredited with Level 4 of the QF will be granted with 51-credit block transfer. To make up a 54-credit transfer to be eligible for senior year admission, students should apply for additional credit transfer by submitting application for credit transfer form upon admission. For application of credit transfer/exemption, please see HERE.