The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Discipline Major in Political Science

Political Science is centrally concerned with the nature and governance of the modern state, party politics, electoral system, and the distribution of power. The Discipline Major offers a variety of mainstream courses, including those in public policy area studies and international politics, as well as more specialised offerings in such areas as Hong Kong politics, foreign policy, the politics of Northeast and Southeast Asia, global environmental politics, environment and society, comparative politics, international law and the politics of sport. The Department of Political Science offers degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. While Political Science is an academic subject, it has plenty of real-world applications, for instance in the civil service, non-government organisations, social movements and political parties.


Graduates will be able to recall and demonstrate understanding of:

    • the major theoretical approaches in the field of political science
    • the inter-linkages among the main sub-fields of political science
    • the key sources of information on politics and policy-making


Graduates will be able to:

    • critically analyse the key concepts in political science
    • relate theoretical studies to real-world events and current affairs and formulate relevant research questions and develop arguments based on evidence
    • evaluate governmental policy decisions and the processes by which such decisions are made.


Graduates will:

    • act as informed and responsible citizens in local and global affairs
    • appreciate the diversity of humanity
    • be ready to challenge and examine ideas critically in a changing and globalizing world

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