The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Discipline Major in Sociology

Sociology is dedicated to the understanding of the fundamental principles of social life and to the systematic study of social institutions and social transformations. Sociology enables students to answer the “what”, “how” and “why” questions about human societies past and present. The Discipline Major in Sociology is designed to equip students with the tools to understand the world in a way that goes beyond common sense notions of everyday life. Students learn to understand and think critically about the social factors that shape the world. Successful graduates will have a broad array of postgraduate opportunities and will be equipped to pursue employment opportunities in government and social service sectors, non-profit organisations and international corporations.


Graduates will have knowledge and understanding of:

    • the basic structure and organization of a society,
    • fundamental social processes, levels of social interaction and the nature of social order and change,
    • major sociological perspectives, theories and concepts and how they relate to everyday life.


Graduates will be able to:

    • design, execute, interpret, and evaluate quantitative and qualitative social research,
    • use reliable sources of sociological data to analyze social life,
    • understand and critically interpret, apply, and synthesise sociological theory.


Graduates are expected to:

    • understand and appreciate diversity in cultures and social values,
    • recognise the ways in which a scientific approach can be used to formulate an understanding of the social world that they encounter,
    • foster a vision of responsible citizenship, perceiving the connection between the actions of oneself and the social well-being of a wider society. 

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