The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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2nd Term, AY2019 - 2020


PSY2101 Introduction to Psychology

PSY3101 Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology I

PSY3103 Psychology of Human Performance and Technology

PSY3205 Social Psychology

PSY3206 Abnormal Psychology

PSY3207 Health Psychology

PSY3208 Personality and Individual Differences

PSY3301 Positive Psychology and Positive Living

PSY4002 Sensation and Perception

PSY4101 Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology II

PSY4310 Counseling Psychology

PSY4325 Industrial and Organisational Psychology

CLA9006 Creativity and Individual Difference: Theories and Applications

CLA9010 Social Problem Solving and Decision Making in the Modern World

CLC9015 Human Relationship and Interpersonal Skills in Organizations

CLE9032 Emotional Happiness

SSC3319 Junior Research Project

SSC4319 Senior Thesis