The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research Areas

Professor SIU Oi Ling
Occupational Health Psychology, specifically Occupational Stress, Psychology of Safety, Positive Organizational Psychology, and Work-life Interface


Professor YEUNG Wai Lan, Victoria
Cross-Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Communication, Stereotyping, Dehumanisation and Social Cognition


Professor CHEUNG Yu Hin, Ray
Psychometrics, Methodology, Residential Education and Student Learning


Professor CHEUNG Yue Lok, Francis
Emotional Labour: Conceptualization and Theoretical Modelling; Occupational Health, Stress, and Burnout; Work/Family Interference and Balance


Dr. LIU Sisi
Creativity and innovation, emotion and cognition, proactive work behaviour, work-life interface


Dr. HSIAO Yuchin, Annie
Context effect in sequential decision-making, Cross-cultural field experiment in housing decision,
Effectiveness of performance-based incentive structures, Effect of time cost in search,
Group versus individual decisions, Experimental analysis of behaviour and learning in animals