The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research Areas

Professor SIU Oi Ling
Occupational Health Psychology, specifically Occupational Stress, Psychology of Safety, Positive Organizational Psychology, and Work-life Interface


Professor CHEUNG Yue Lok, Francis
Emotional Labour: Conceptualization and Theoretical Modelling; Occupational Health, Stress, and Burnout; Work/Family Interference and Balance


Dr. CHEUNG Yu Hin, Ray
Psychometrics, Methodology, Residential Education and Student Learning


Dr. LIU Sisi
Creativity and innovation, emotion and cognition, proactive work behaviour, work-life interface


Dr. HSIAO Yuchin, Annie
Context effect in sequential decision-making, Cross-cultural field experiment in housing decision,
Effectiveness of performance-based incentive structures, Effect of time cost in search,
Group versus individual decisions, Experimental analysis of behaviour and learning in animals