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Our Recent Publications

The research team of the Research Consortium has widely published in distinguished international journals, including Higher Education, Higher Education Policy, Higher Education Policy and Management, Journal of Education and Work, American Sociological Review, Sociology of Education, British Journal of Sociology of Education. The research team has published research work with leading publishing houses, such as Springer, Palgrave Macmillan, Routledge, and Emerald.

List of Selected Recent Publications

Working paper series

Prof Ka Ho Mok, Dr Xiao Han, Dr Jin Jiang and Dr Xiaojun Zhang: International and transnational learning in higher education: a study of students’ career development in China

Prof Ka Ho Mok and Dr Jin Jiang: Asserting global leadership in higher education

Prof Ka Ho Mok and Dr Xiao Han: Higher education governance and policy in China

Prof Ka Ho Mok: The university governance in Hong Kong

Recent publications

Mok, K.H. and Han, X. (2017) "Higher Education Governance and Policy in China: Managing Decentralization and Transnationalism", Policy and Society, Vol. 36, No.1, pp.34-48.

Scholars’ insights

In English:

Prof Ka Ho Mok: What can we learn from returning Chinese students? (University Worlds News, July 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: China’s universities: Significant progress, but more to do (Interview by Times Higher Education, April 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok and Dr Xiao Han: When Chinese students study in the UK, do they become more employable? (Times Higher Education, March 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: HK loses spot in top 10 cities for foreign students (Interview by EJ Insight, February 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok and Dr Jin Jiang: Will higher education in the 21st century belong to China? (Times Higher Education, February 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: Towards collaborative governance of universities (University World News, February 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: The quest for regional education hub status (BRINK ASIA, February 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: Cash-for-publications is ‘common practice’ (Interview by Times Higher Education, January 2017)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: Transforming higher education through regionalization (University World News, November 2016)

Prof Ka Ho Mok: The dangers in Asia’s quest for world-class universities (Interview by Times Higher Education, October 2016)

In Chinese (以中文出版):

莫家豪教授:大學多元發展 助「青年號」揚帆 (明報,2017年7月)

溫卓毅博士:粵港澳大灣區 須備社會政策思維 (明報,2017年7月)

莫家豪教授:學券走對路 須防人才與市場錯配 (經濟日報,2017年7月)

莫家豪教授:香港的大學QS排名落後於新加坡 香港政府對大學的科研投資不足 (東網採訪,2017年6月)

莫家豪教授:知識型經濟致技能錯配 (明報採訪,2017年5月)

莫家豪教授:穩中求進欠缺突破的財政預算 (香港商報,2017年2月)

莫家豪教授:最佳求學城市 港跌出十大 (東方日報採訪,2017年2月)

莫家豪教授:香港跌出十大最佳求學城市 宿位不足令人卻步 (香港01採訪, 2017年2月)

莫家豪教授:從僱主意見看博雅教育 (香港商報,2017年2月)

江晉博士:知識轉移莫只向錢看 (香港商報,2017年2月)

莫家豪教授:推產學研合作不宜功利 (香港商報,2017年1月)

International publication platform

Professor Ka Ho Mok, the core team member of the Research Consortium, is a Founding Editor of Journal of Asian Public Policy (London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group) and Asian Education and Development Studies (Emerald), Book Series of Comparative Development and Policy in Asia (London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group) and Book Series of Higher Education in Asia: Quality, Excellence and Governance (Springer). The Research Consortium provides a rigorous and supportive platform for researchers to publish their work in internationally referred venue: