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Double PhD Degree Programme in Economics with Wuhan University, China

Lingnan University (LU) and Wuhan University (WHU) have launched a 4-year double PhD degree programme in Economics from September 2021, which leverages more rigorous coursework training from WHU’s PhD programme.


Programme Highlights
Students will spend the first two years at WHU receiving coursework training, and the next two years at LU working on a research thesis and fulfilling other programme requirements. Each student will be matched with a Supervisor from LU and a Co-supervisor from WHU. Upon graduation, students will be awarded double PhD degrees in Economics from LU and WHU respectively.


Study Mode and Programme Duration  
The programme is available in full-time mode of study. The normal study period is 4 years, and the minimum and maximum study period is 36 months and 72 months respectively.


Programme Curriculum
In the first 2 years, students should fulfill the coursework requirements of WHU’s PhD programme, including Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Econometrics, and two other core courses in their research fields.


In the 3rd and 4th years, students need to conduct research and write a research thesis, and fulfill other programme requirements at LU, e.g. taking required courses in Term 1 of their 1st year of studies at LU, conducting a topic-defence seminar and confirming PhD candidature in their 1st year at LU, and conducting a research findings seminar and attending an oral examination of their PhD theses in the final year.


LU and WHU recognise students’ credits taken/work done in either university. Students are advised to start research work in the first two years at WHU and concentrate on research in the last two years at LU.


Award of Degree
On fulfillment of all graduation requirements of both universities, students will be awarded double PhD degrees in Economics, one each from LU and WHU respectively.


Degrees will be awarded from Lingnan University conditional on the fulfillment of all the Lingnan University graduation requirements and compliance with all Lingnan University regulations for Research Postgraduate students.


Degrees will be awarded from Wuhan University after and only after the students have successfully completed all the required courses, the requirement of publications, and passed the thesis examination.


Fees and Studentships
WHU will collect tuition fee and miscellaneous fees for the 1st and the 2nd years, while LU will collect tuition fee and miscellaneous fees for the 3rd and 4th years. 


For LU, please refer to for fee details. For WHU, please refer to


Studentships will be provided to students by WHU for the 1st and the 2nd years of study and by LU for the 3rd and 4th years.


For LU, please refer to for the details of financial support available.


For WHU, please refer to for details.


Accommodation will be available for students during their studies at LU.  Details of student hostels of LU are available at For WHU, please contact for details.


Admission Requirements
Applicants shall meet the minimum admission requirements of both universities.


  1. For LU, please refer to for the admission criteria and requirements of LU, and for the additional admission requirements of the PhD in Economics programme.
  2. For WHU, please refer to for the admission criteria and requirements of WHU.
  3. An applicant needs to pass the interview jointly conducted by the faculty members from both LU and WHU.


Application for Admission

Applicants are required to submit individual application to both Universities.


For LU: 
An applicant may access the University's Online Admission System via the Internet at  On the “Study Programme” page, please select “PhD Economics (Double Degree Programme with Wuhan University)” from the “Programme of Study” dropdown list, or else a late application fee of HK$400 will be charged.  No refund of difference in application fee can be arranged due to wrong selection of programme choice.


For more details about online submission and uploading of documents, please refer to the webpage of Online Application at


For WHU:
An applicant should submit an individual application form (downloadable at with a CV, a research proposal and two recommendation letters (one should from the supervisor) by mail to the following address:


Admission Team
(Application for Double PhD Programme in Economics with LU)
Economics and Management School
Wuhan University
Luojia Hill, Wuhan, 430072

For more details about the application procedures of WHU, please refer to the webpage at For further inquiry on submission of application to WHU, please contact the Admission Team by email at


Application Fee
HK$200 (for LU); for WHU, please contact Ms Luo by email at


Application Periods
The application deadlines are as follows:

For LU: To be confirmed (online application)
For WHU: To be confirmed (paper application)


About Wuhan University
For the details about Wuhan University, please visit the Wuhan University’s website at


(Remark:  Both LU and WHU are going through the formal process of finalising the agreement of the Programme.)