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Supervision and Progress of Students

The Postgraduate Studies Committee under the Senate of the University administers and manages all aspects of the progress of all candidatures, with the support of the Registry.

Lingnan University's faculty includes many world-class scholars and a large number of fine up-and-coming younger academics. The University has 159 faculty from 19 countries with PhD and other advanced degrees from Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Yale, etc. The diversity of research expertise among staff means that the University can offer expert supervision in many areas, including supervision of interdisciplinary projects.

Upon admission, each MPhil student will be assigned a Supervisor (may be with one or more Co-supervisor(s) where appropriate), while a PhD student will be assigned a Chief supervisor and at least one Co-supervisor. Supervisors will closely guide their students in the early phases of their research and thereafter will be responsible for helping them to work independently.

The student and his/her supervisor should from the outset of the MPhil/PhD study discuss and agree on a provisional thesis topic and the coursework to be taken if necessary. A student may be required to take some undergraduate/postgraduate course(s) in order to strengthen his/her academic background. In addition to courses offered by the University, students may enrol in courses listed under a collaborative scheme established by the eight universities in Hong Kong that are offering research postgraduate programmes.

The candidature of an MPhil or a PhD student is regarded as provisional during the initial period of study. During the initial period of studies, a student must prepare an outline paper for presentation at a topic-defence seminar and submit a report on research progress for assessment of confirmation of candidature. Additional requirements may be set as necessary. In particular, additional requirements such as passing a candidacy examination and meeting course work requirements have been specificed for the PhD in Business programme. For more details, please click here.

A student with his/her candidature confirmed can continue his/her research programme.  He/She is required to submit annual progress reports and present his/her research findings in a seminar a few months before his/her MPhil/PhD thesis examination. He/She shall submit a thesis meeting the specified requirements and undergo an oral examination of his/her thesis by a Panel of Examiners. He/She may be required to satisfy other requirements as stipulated by the relevant University authorities.