The Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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arrowAttractions of Studying at Lingnan

Lingnan is a teaching and research liberal arts university. This means that it emphasizes both teaching and research and that it sees the two as closely linked. Like many American liberal arts colleges, and like the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, Lingnan believes that the ethos of liberal arts education require limited student numbers (the University has about 2500 undergraduate and 80 research postgraduate students) and an intimate campus setting. One of the key values of liberal arts education – student-centered learning – is equally applicable to undergraduate and postgraduate studies. For postgraduates, student-centered learning ensures close and supportive thesis supervision, while at the same time encourages candidates to exercise intellectual creativity in their research endeavours.

At Lingnan we hope that postgraduates will see their postgraduate work as more than simply a means of gaining a qualification. We believe that postgraduate study should engage and develop the whole person. It should be a fun, dynamic and richly rewarding phase of life set in a supportive campus environment. As the University community is small, familiar and collegial, postgraduate students at Lingnan do not get ‘lost in the system’. They establish peer-type working relationships with academics in their departmental homes; they have generous opportunities to gain undergraduate teaching experience; and they experience a strong sense of membership of a campus-wide postgraduate community, including representation on various policy making committees.

Lingnan postgraduates are encouraged to exercise leadership by participating where appropriate in innovative collaborative research projects, mentoring undergraduates, and taking an active role in the life of the campus community. Nonetheless, we do not want our postgraduates to ‘spread themselves too thin’: we monitor student progress carefully and we expect candidates to complete their degrees on time so that they can move on to the next phases of their lives.

The University offers excellent research support to postgraduates through the provision of well-maintained and equipped office space, generous conference and field trip sponsorships, and a very good library that has quick and efficient links with other libraries in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

The Lingnan campus is tranquil and lovely and has something of a village scale and atmosphere. There are good places to gather and talk, but also secluded pockets for reflection. Hong Kong Island is within easy reach by bus and there is much to explore in the New Territories – and of course across the nearby border to the Mainland!



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