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Academic Advising

Highlights of Online Academic Advising


Online Academic Advising from 26 February to 11 March 2021

With reference to the latest COVID-19 situation, Online Academic Advising will be adopted.  A student is required to consult the Academic Adviser via email.  Details of Online Academic Advising can be found as follows:-

  • Each student should input and save the study plan in Degree Works and send an email to his/her Academic Advisor for revision of plan.  The user guidelines of Degree Works are available at myLingnan Portal (Academic Matters > Degree Works - User Guidelines).
  • If any amendment is required, the student should revise the study plan accordingly in Degree Works and notify his / her Academic Advisor after amendments.
  • If there is no amendment, the Academic Advisor can approve the study plan by clicking the “Save Plan” button without input of student's password.

Academic Advising Arrangement

  • Provision of information on courses to be offered to students
  • Deadline for uploading tentative course outlines in the Course Depository
  • Email notice to students
  • Period for Academic Advising to current students
  • Students are required to input their Study Plans for coming academic year during academic advising via DegreeWorks
  • End of Advising Period. All completed course plan will be submitted to the Timetabling system for further process. The Registry would adjust students’ preferences by randomly switching any of the courses in the study plans to either the 1st or 2nd terms, in order to ensure that the students concerned can be pre-assigned to the chosen required course(s) in any one term
  • If students who fail to input their study plans and the plans have not been approved by their advisers during the advising period will not be able to join the On-line Registration in August and the courses in their study plans will not be pre-registered for them.
  • The class timetables will be uploaded to the web.
  • Email Notice about online registration to UG Students.
  • Students have to complete their academic advising and make sure the course plan in Degree Works is approved and saved by their adviser before online registration period.
  • On-line Registration of current students via web.

DegreeWorks User Guidelines