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Courses Registration

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During the registration period, students should finish the course registration through the online registration system.

Online Registration System


Registration Arrangements


Programme and Course Information

General Education Subject Sharing Programme with PolyU

  • Non-local/exchange students, or students in their final term are not eligible to register for courses under this sharing programme.

1st Term, 2023-24

  • Course Descriptions
  1. ABCT1D01 Chemistry and Modern Living PDF
  2. ABCT1D13 Introduction to Cancer- Cause, Treatment and Prevention PDF
  3. BME1D03 Technologies for Smart Ageing PDF
  4. BME1D04 Skin-Care Technologies: Principles, Applications and Safety PDF
  5. LSGI1D03 Living on a Dynamic Earth PDF

Service-Learning Information

  • Service-Learning Information (from Office of Service-Learning) for 1st and 2nd Terms, 2023-24 

Language Courses