Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan



As the world faces a global pandemic, Lingnan University has launched the Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan campaign between Mar and Jun 2020, which comprised a series of projects and initiatives to care for the local and community and beyond. The initiatives featured involve surveying different sectors of our community to learn about their situation and to provide relevant information and assistance to them. For example, a web-based GIS dashboard provides COVID-19 information, studies on health risks and stress levels, how international students’ learning and wellbeing have been disrupted.


The University Grant Committee appreciates LU’s efforts in launching the Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan campaign, which has effectively met the changing needs of the society amidst the challenging moment. The projects under the Campaign reach out to the wider society and local community for promoting Discovery (Research), Services and Education (public health education). The research findings related to COVID-19 pandemic have been widely reported by international webinars and also published into international journals or international media.


Some Highlights as follows:


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on International Higher Education and Student Mobility: Student Perspectives from Mainland China and Hong Kong

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Promoting effectiveness of “working from home”: findings from Hong Kong working population under COVID-19

WONG, H. K. A., CHEUNG, J. O. & CHEN, Z., 26 Oct 2020, In: Asian Education and Development Studies. 19 p.

Converging humanitarian technology and social work in a public health crisis: a social innovation response to COVID-19 in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong University students’ online learning experiences under the Covid-19 pandemic

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Chinese citizens' reactions and perceptions of the local government response to crisis management

MOK, K. H., 22 Apr 2020, Emerald.



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