How the Lingnan Scholars platform improves LU’s research visibility and strengths

In 2019, Lingnan University adopted Pure, the world's leading Research Information Management System (RIMS) operated by Elsevier, for Lingnan Scholars, so as to have a single intelligent, secure platform storing information from all Lingnan’s data sources.


This interconnected data model allows researchers both in and outside the University a comprehensive overview of all research activities, which encourages wider collaboration and unlocks research potential.


Before 2019, data was scattered across multiple legacy systems and sources administered by different departments.


"Implementing an integrated RIMS provided an opportunity for our colleagues to break silos," says Dr Louisa Lam, Chief Information Officer and University Librarian."Lingnan Scholars allows all research-related information to be captured in a single platform for all to use. Lingnan Scholars now serves as the gateway to support the University's mission to promote excellent research, foster greater collaborations and enhance data governance.”


The platform has not only also improved the University’s data capture, data discovery and data storage, but also its effectiveness in promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Lingnan’s key research aim, ‘Impact with Care’.


"We at Lingnan are fully aware of the impact of research on the shaping of our future society," says Professor Joshua Mok Ka Ho, Vice-President of the University."Societal impact can only take place when people notice our research. Lingnan Scholars is now the gateway, demonstrating to the world our strengths and achievements in research. With the higher visibility of our research endeavours, we believe it could spearhead more knowledge exchange and collaboration from around the world."


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