Chinese medicine promotion programme to help prevent COVID-19 in the elderly

Chinese medicine promotion programme to help prevent COVID-19 in the elderly



Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong have been infected and the death toll continues to rise. The highly contagious virus has spread rapidly and globally and, according to data from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the death rate (about 14.8%) is highest in people aged 80 and over. For this reason, Lingnan University is launching this programme showing the efficacy of Chinese medicine in preventing COVID-19 in the elderly. LU believes that Chinese medicine practitioners can reduce the risk of infection in older people, and contribute to society in general in the spirit of "prevention is better than cure".


Sponsored by the Chinese Medicine Development Fund and carried out by Lingnan’s Chinese Medicine Clinic, the project is divided into two stages: “During the epidemic” and “After the epidemic has eased”. In the first stage, registered Chinese doctors will visit elderly service providers to teach the staff how to make the Chinese soups which raise resistance to viruses and diseases. They will also upload recorded lectures to a dedicated YouTube channel promoted through Facebook, explaining how Chinese methods can prevent COVID-19 infections.


Two half-day seminars will be held in the second stage, and a booklet entitled "Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 for the Elderly - Chinese Medicine" published and circulated among the elderly and their carers. Everything will be videotaped and made available on YouTube, and video discs distributed to elderly service providers and organisations in Hong Kong, promoting Chinese medicine in preventing and controlling the pandemic, in particular for the elderly.


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·       2019新型冠狀病毒

·       中醫抗疫湯水

·       中醫抗疫食療


·       傳統文化與中醫 (1)

·       傳統文化與中醫 (2)

·       中醫與古代哲學 (1)

·       中醫與古代哲學 (2)


·       中藥 (1)

·       中藥 (2)

·       嶺南中醫藥文化

·       香港的中草藥發展

·       周身是寶話陳皮

·       「中藥之王」冬蟲夏草


·       長壽的祕訣

·       中醫防癌保健有良方 (1)

·       中醫防癌保健有良方 (2)

·       長者失眠不用怕

·       太極調息養生功 (1)

·       太極調息養生功 (2)

·       太極調息養生功 (3)

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Chinese medicine promotion programme to help prevent COVID-19 in the elderly