Lingnan University joins the Chinese Residential College Alliance - A Collaborative Platform with Chinese Characteristics for Institutions

On 24 September 2023, the inaugural meeting of the Chinese Residential College Alliance was successfully held at Peking University. The meeting was hosted by Yuanpei College of Peking University, with a total of 15 participating universities/colleges (including Lingnan University) from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Professor Li Dong-hui, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) of Lingnan University, led Mr Chor Tai Wai, Associate Director of Student Affairs, and two Year 3 undergraduate students to attend the inaugural meeting.


During the opening ceremony, Professor Li Dong-hui delivered a speech on behalf of the participating institutions, sharing her vision for the development of the Chinese Residential College Alliance. Professor Li expressed her best wishes for the establishment of the Chinese Residential College Alliance and emphasized the significance of the college system in achieving the goals of"pursuing excellence and cultivating virtues" in higher education institutions. Through the Chinese Residential College Alliance, universities and colleges can unite their strengths, complement each other, communicate, cooperate, and explore together, nurturing young talents who are well-rounded, innovative, and equipped with leadership and international perspectives. All member institutions agreed to set up a Secretariat that member institutions of the Alliance take turns hosting annual conferences, promote cooperation, actively organize cultural and sports activities, academic forums, and exchange visits, providing students with more opportunities for communication and learning.


During the conference, teachers and students also participated in multiple interactive exchange activities and visited the hostels of Yuanpei College and the campus of Peking University.  With the establishment of the Alliance, different themed collaborative platforms will be created among various institutions. Through communication and cooperation, they will jointly create a college system with Chinese characteristics, with the mission of nurturing talents for the country, and compose a new chapter in the education of Chinese students.


Report from Yuanpei College of Peking University:



Photo 1: Kick-off ceremony of Chinese Residential College Alliance Establishment



Photo 2: Professor Li Dong-hui, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) of Lingnan University, delivered a speech on behalf of the participating units in the opening ceremony.



Photo 3: Teachers and students participated in a campus tour of Peking University.