Professor S. Joe Qin's Paper Selected as ‘Frontrunner 5000’

Lingnan University President Professor S. Joe Qin, who was awarded the 2022 CSS (Control Systems Society) Transition to Practice Award by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for his breakthrough contributions in the field of data-driven control engineering, has been honoured again, as the paper"Perspectives on data-driven operation monitoring and self-optimization industrial process", published by a research team led by him, has been selected as one of the 2022"Frontrunner 5000 – Top Articles in Outstanding S &T Journals of China ( F5000)".




In order to enhance the quality of national science and technology journals, as well as to showcase to the world China's research achievements and to take the lead in technological innovations, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China set up  the"Frontrunner 5000 – Top Articles in Outstanding S &T Journals of China ( F5000)" platform  ( to include outstanding academic papers selected from China's outstanding science and technology journals via scientific metrics and peer-review methods. Through collaborations with renowned international information services agencies and publishers, the platform helps promote and circulate the F5000 papers to the counterparts all over the world.


Professor Qin is a leading figure in the field of data-driven control engineering.  The paper he co-authored with his research team has come up with new directions for research in relation to operation monitoring and self-optimization of industrial processes including: 1) data-driven multi-level comprehensive monitoring of decision, cooperative control, and base-level control; 2) multi-source dynamic information based abnormal situation diagnosis that combines first principles, process data, and expert knowledge; 3) cooperative self-healing control which combines expert knowledge and control strategy; 4) data driven dynamic performance analysis of process operation and self-optimization; and 5) technologies that implement operation monitoring and self-optimization system.


The research areas of Professors Qin and his team are among the current hot topics. Their research and findings have helped solve many practical problems in the field of industrial process control and significantly improved manufacturing and production processes. It can be regarded as an important milestone for Industry 4.0.


Link of Research Paper