Lingnan colleagues visited Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (K&TDHC) on 1 Apr 2021

Professor MOK Ka Ho and Lingnan colleagues visited Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (K&TDHC) on 1st April 2021. Professor MOK met the Chairman and members from Kwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association, shared the mission of Lingnan University’s education and Lingnan’s contributions on the aspects of teaching, research, and knowledge exchange at the meeting. Professor Dickson CHAN and Dr. Vera TANG introduced Bachelor and Master of Social Sciences in Health Services Management programmes and the students’ learning outcome and achievement at the programmes. Dr. Genghua HUANG and Dr. Yidan YU explored the collaborations with the K&TDHC in the Master of Arts in Cities and Governance and Master of Health Analytics and Operations Management programmes to enhance operations management through the acquisition of professional and technical knowledge. Ms. Chloe SIU also shared the Gerontechnology education experiences in the community with the K&TDHC colleagues. Both Lingnan and K&TDHC strive to achieve an excellent strategic partnership with continuous collaboration in the teaching and learning areas to promote social health care in society. Professor Mok strengthened to develop further collaborative partnership research and policy advocacy work with the community and create positive impact on health and social services in Hong Kong.


In the 2017 Policy Address, the Chief Executive announced The Food and Health Bureau (FHB) would establish a District Health Centre (DHC) in Kwai Tsing District in 2019 with a brand new operation mode to enhance district-based primary healthcare services. FHB appointed the Kwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association as the operator of the K&TDHC through open tendering in March 2019. Operating through district-based medical-social collaboration and public-private partnership, the DHC will provide services in health promotion, health assessment, chronic disease management, community rehabilitation, etc. More details of the K&TDHC, please refer to this webpage: