Lingnan University joins international PEER project to research ideas in UK-Asia higher education

Lingnan University has joined the Partnerships and Exchanges Baseline Research (PEER) project, led by Coventry University in the UK. PEER brings together 20 academics from the UK, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia to investigate ideas, socio-economic contexts and institutional arrangements that foster partnerships in higher education, vocational education and training, and research between the UK and Asia. PEER is funded by the British Council, and aims to combine British and Asian perspectives. Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho , Vice-President of Lingnan University and Dean of the Graduate School, is a joint coordinator of the project.


“By engaging in this international research collaboration, Lingnan’s research team will develop closer relationships with key universities in Southeast and East Asia,” says Prof Mok. “Researchers from LU will be actively involved in the project, and will contribute their international and comparative perspectives to the research. The findings generated from the international research project will inform the policies of the UK government in terms of fostering strategic partnerships with higher education institutions in Asia, especially those in the ASEAN region, Japan, China and Korea.”  Lingnan University’s research into higher education in Asia and beyond is renowned around the world.


PEER investigates the scope, priorities, sustainability, and inclusivity of exchange projects, transnational education programmes, and research and innovation collaborations at governmental and institutional levels. The project examines the concept of internationalisation and aims to provide reliable data to policy makers, funders, university leaders and researchers. Engaging in the project will also help Lingnan further develop its international collaborations, partnerships, and research.