Two refereed Journals edited by Lingnan Scholars got international recognition

The Lingnan Journal of Chinese Studies《嶺南學報》, the flagship publication of the Department of Chinese, with Professor Cai Zong-qi as the Editor-in-Chief, has been listed in the Taiwan Humanities Citation Index (THCI) Core journal by The Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS). The inclusion of the Journal in THCI shows the high quality of the Journal and Lingnan University’s leadership in promoting high quality research in Chinese Studies.  This is the first milestone of the Chinese Department’s long journey to regain the preeminence of the old Lingnan Journal in the field of Chinese studies.


In October 2020, the Journal of Asian Public Policy (JAPP) published by Routledge in London, with Prof Ka Ho Mok as the Editor-in-Chief, was included in the prestigious Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) which selects the most influential journals in their respective fields globally. Since its official launch in 2008, JAPP has become one of the major policy studies journals with a strong focus on issues related to development, policy and governance in Asia. JAPP being indexed as SSCI journal also shows Lingnan scholars’ commitment in promoting high quality research in policy studies from international and comparative perspectives.



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