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Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life

Collaborative Programme with Shenzhen University

LU PhD Programmes with Joint Supervision with Shenzhen University, China

To offer opportunities for interdisciplinary research studies, Lingnan University (LU) and Shenzhen University (SZU) have launched a collaboration on joint PhD supervision in the research areas of International Relations and Development Studies from the 2021 intake. Starting from the 2023 intake, the joint PhD supervision collaboration has been extended to all other research disciplines. Applicants considering for admission to PhD programmes may consider this joint supervision arrangement. 


Under this joint supervision collaboration:

  • Students will receive joint supervision from a Chief Supervisor from LU and a Co-supervisor from SZU throughout their 3-year studies. Both supervisors will closely supervise the students’ studies.

  • SZU will waive the tuition fee of students for their 2nd year in SZU, and will offer an annual sum of $80,000 RMB studentship in the year. LU will offer full postgraduate studentships to students in the 1st and the 3rd years.

  • Sponsorships may be available from SZU if students have published according to SZU’s requirements.

  • During the PhD studies under joint supervision, students should publish at least one high-quality academic paper with SZU as the affiliated institution/organisation of the first/corresponding author.

  • Upon graduation, students will be conferred a PhD degree in the programmes enrolled in by LU.

Programmes Available for Joint Supervision with SZU

Applicants may choose to apply for any one of the PhD programmes currently on offer by LU. 

Study Mode and Programme Duration 

The collaboration is available in full-time mode. The normal study period is 3 years and students will be a registered student of LU throughout the 3-year study period. They will spend their 1st and the 3rd years in LU and the 2nd year in SZU as a visiting student.

Programme Requirements

Students are required to take the required courses of LU in their 1st year of study in LU, and meet other programme requirements, e.g. topic-defence seminar and confirmation of candidature in the 1st year, annual progress review at the end of each academic year, research findings seminar and thesis examination in the final year. In addition, at least one high-quality academic paper published with SZU as the affiliated institution/organisation of the first/corresponding author is required (students should be the first author or the second author with the SZU supervisor as the first author).

Award of Degree

Students will be conferred the PhD degree in the programmes enrolled in by LU. On the students’ transcripts, collaboration with SZU will be indicated.

Fees and Studentships

Students under this collaboration will be admitted as a self-financed student. Please refer to for fee details.

Each student will receive full postgraduate studentship from LU in the 1st and 3rd years of study at LU, and an annual sum of $80,000 RMB studentship from SZU in the 2nd year of study at SZU.

Please refer to for studentship rate and other financial support available.

Other Sponsorships/Awards offered by SZU
SZU may offer for additional sponsorships/awards for additional publication of high-quality academic papers with SZU as the affiliated institution/organisation of the first/corresponding author.


Accommodation will be available for students during their studies at LU and SZU respectively. Details of student hostels of LU are available at  For SZU, the maximum accommodation period is two years. More details can be referred to

Admission Requirements

Applicants shall meet the minimum admission requirements and the programme-specific requirements for PhD programmes of LU and SZU respectively.

Please refer to for the admission criteria and requirements of LU, and for the additional admission requirements of individual programmes.

For the admission requirements of SZU, please refer to

Application for Admission

Applicants should submit an application to LU via the online admission system at

Application Fee

HK$200 (late application fee HK$400)

Application Deadline

20 January 2023 *

(* Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the availability of places.)

About Shenzhen University (SZU)

For the details about Shenzhen University, please visit Shenzhen University’s website at