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In collaboration with local NGOs and industry partners, the Science Unit has developed a new practicum course, SCI 3008: Internship in Environment and Sustainability. This course will help students to gain an understanding of “real-world” workplace dynamics and administrative skills by providing them with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in the context of environment and sustainability through an formal internship with a local partner.


Students will be expected to apply their scientific literacy, problem solving, and communication skills in a practical context under the supervision of both Science Unit and partner staff. Ultimately, students may be able to refine their career goals through critical analysis of the internship experience and provide evidence of how they can apply what they have learned during their university experience to future employers or post-graduate schools.


**In collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, we explore and fully utilize internship opportunities available for students. Apart from this new internship course, students will also be equipped with essential skills and knowledge applicable to internships and future career via the LU Glocal Professional Development Scheme (GPDS). More information available at


SCI3008 Briefing


Course details:


Internship Period: 30 May 2022 - 11 July 2022
Contact hours: 150-180 hours (subject to the internship assigned)
No. of Credits: 3

A Plastic Ocean Foundation

Appetizup Company Limited

Fair Trade

Green Sense

HK Shark Foundation

Jane Goodall Institute HK


Outdoor Wildlife Learning HK

Plastic Free Seas

Women In Sports Empowered HK

Allowance $ 2,500   (supported by the internship partners and/or the Science Unit)
More information: Presentation Slides of the Briefing Sessionsdoc


Internship details (job adv):


APO Adv APP Adv FT Adv GS Adv blank


HKSF JGIHK Lumi Voce OWLHK blank


PFS WISE blank blank blank



Important Dates:


15 – 31 March 2022 Call for Applications
21 & 24 March Briefing Sessions [Registration]
Early April Internal Screening
Mid-April Release of Results (1st round of screening)
*Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the arrangements of zoom interview(s)
Late April Zoom Interviews
Early May Release of Final Results
Mid-May Students officially enrolled to the course



*Application period: 15 - 31 March 2022*