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Board of Science Unit

Terms of reference

a)To be responsible for the delivery of the programme(s) and courses the Unit offers, including course planning, teaching, assessment and evaluation, admissions policy, and achievement of the intended student learning outcomes
b)To assure the overall academic standard of the programme(s) and courses offered by the Unit for which the Board is responsible.
c)To be responsible for the quality of teaching and research work of the Unit.
d)To review and monitor the quality assurance mechanisms and processes within the Unit.
e)To review matters concerning examinations and continuous assessments.
f)To formulate the Unit’s policies within University guidelines.
g)To consider staff matters of the Unit.
h)To set up committees as it thinks necessary to discharge its duties.



Chairman: Head of the Science Unit
Members: All full-time members of the teaching staff of the Unit
Secretary: To be appointed by the Chairman



Advisory Board for Science Unit

Terms of reference

An Advisory Board shall normally meet once a year to help plan and keep under review the following aspects of work including future developments:


a)level and length of courses/programme(s) concerned in relation to local needs;
b)the relevance of the courses/programme(s) in relation to the local needs;
c)the prospects of local employment for graduates;
d)the adequacy of the equipment and other resources of the academic unit(s) to fulfil local needs;
e)the development of teaching and other activities carried out jointly by the academic unit(s) and the appropriate sector of the community;
f)investigation consultancy and other services given by the academic unit(s);
g)keep under review the assistance which the community can give to further the objectives of the University in the subject concerned by way of practical training facilities, the provision of part-time teaching.
h)the implementation and development of research and knowledge transfer activities of the academic unit(s).




Dr. HAU Chi Hang, Billy
Principal Lecturer & Programme Director
MSc in Environmental Management
School of Biological Sciences
Assistant Dean, Faculty of Sciences
The University of Hong Kong


Prof. Mark McGINLEY
Professor of Teaching and Head of Science Unit
Director of Core Curriculum and General Education


Prof. HO Kin-chung
Special Appointed Professor
(Distinguished Experts & Scholars High Level Appointment Scheme)
College of Marine Ecology and Environment
Shanghai Ocean University


Mr. Willy KWONG
Executive Director
A Plastic Ocean Foundation (NGO)


Prof. LIU Zhonghui
Department of Earth Sciences
Faculty of Science
The University of Hong Kong


Dr. Xoni MA
Founder and Education Director
Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (NGO)


Mr. Gary YEUNG, MH
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Techture Limited
President of Smart City Consortium


Prof. YU Kar Ming (ex-officio)
(Representing the Dean of School of Interdisciplinary Studies)
Associate Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies


Ms. Mei CHAN
Assistant Administrative Manager, Science Unit