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Students' Coursework


CLD9008 Life Sciences: The Way Life Works (S-L)

Starting from 2018-19, CLD9008 has been incorporated with Service-Learning components to provide students with hands-on experiences which not only strengthened learning of the course material, but also enhanced students’ abilities in communication, organization and presentation.


In light of the wide spread of COVID-19 around the world, students are invited to work on their group projects (poster design) in the theme of understanding and tackling diseases. Here are the nice courseworks presented by the students, sharing information about some universal infectious diseases:

Term 2, 2019-20

Gp1 Gp2 Gp3 Gp4
Group 1 - AIDS Group 2 - Influenza Group 3 - Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Group 4 - Ebola
Gp1 Gp2 Gp3 Gp4
Group 5 - General Treatment Group 6 - COVID-19 Group 7 - AIDS Group 8 - SARS


Term 1, 2020-21

2020-AIDS 2020-Ebola 2020-HIV 2020-HPV
2020-ScarletFever 2020-Smallpox 2020-Tuberculosis
Scarlet Fever Smallpox Tuberculosis