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Date News
25 March 2024New Programme: Master of Science in Sustainability and Environmental Analyticsnew
14 February 2023Wetland Conservation GO! Tertiary Eco-Ambassador Programme 2023new
13 January 2023Science, Society & Sustainability Series T2, 2022-23new
28 October 2022Internship Opportunities in Environment and Sustainability
28 October 2022Briefing Sessions for SCI3008 Internship in Environment and Sustainability
1 September 2022Science, Society & Sustainability Series T1, 2022-23
15 March 2022Sustainability Education Inventory
28 February 2022Courses Offered in 2022-23 and Course Highlights
27 October 2021Launch of New Master Concentration - Master of Cities and Governance (Environment and Sustainability)

The Science Unit (SU) was established in 2015 as part of the Core Curriculum and General Education Office to develop and teach science courses designed for non-science students at Lingnan to fulfill the “Science, Technology, Mathematics and Society" Cluster (CLD) requirements of the Core Curriculum. It aims to increase students’ understanding and awareness of science through courses, formal and informal public lectures, and engagement with the campus and local community.


In 2019–20, two new programmes have been developed and approved by the Senate for official launch in 2020–21: (1) Minor in Environmental and Scientific Literacy and (2) MPhil in Environmental Science. The SU continues to explore and develop new initiatives to promote science education, for example developing new interdisciplinary courses in the "Creativity and Innovation" Cluster (CLA).


The teaching goal of the Unit is to develop courses that introduce Lingnan students to the excitement of the natural sciences and provides them with the skills they will need to deal with the complex scientific issues that will face them in the future.

I took an intriguing and meaningful science course, CLD9017 Ecology: the Science of Environmental Issues. Learning science in such an interactive and pleasurable way made my university life much more enjoyable!

Mirth TANG

Psychology Year 3 (2014-15 intake)

CLD9018 was the best class that I took at Lingnan. The class was lots of fun with the weekly field trips. I learnt a lot more about nature, e.g. birds, insects, landscape and so much more. HK is our home, while I never realised the beauty of this land.


Chinese Year 4 (2013-14 intake)

CLD9017 Ecology: the Science of Environmental Issues was fun as an entrance course to the world of science and the professor was also very enthusiastic!

Desmond TAN

Contemporary English Studies Year 4 (2015-16 intake)

In CLD9024, I have learnt a lot of practical concepts in Geography that can be easily applied to our daily life. I have overcome my weakness and am now able to answer questions with maps, as well as to create my own secret maps!


Contemporary English Studies Year 3 (2015-16 intake)