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The database for the collection is hosted by the Arctos collection management information system. To search for specimens in our collection, click on the link below, which will take you directly to our search page. Or if you access Arctos directly, use the drop-down menu for "Collection" located in the Identifier box. Then select “Amphibian and reptile specimens” under “Lingnan Herpetology collection”. 


Loan policy

The herpetology collection provides loans of fluid-preserved specimens and subsamples of tissue preserved in ethanol or RNA later for scientific research. The collection is  for research and teaching purposes. Specimen loans and tissue donations are made only to faculty, curators and permanent research staff at recognized institution with facilities to properly house and care for specimens. Invasive procedures are not permitted without expressed written permission. 

​If you are interested in requested a specimen loan or a tissue donation please email us with the details to [email protected]



We will consider taking specimen donations from the public. If you are interested in donating a specimen please email us with the details to [email protected]