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Past Events
The Science Unit keens to share the excitement of modern scientific advances with Lingnan, Tuen Mun, and Hong Kong communities through formal lectures, informal public seminars, film screening and workshops. Presentations by Lingnan academic staff will be augmented by local speakers and by visiting professors from abroad.

Term 1, 2022-23

Date Event Highlight
Oct 2022 Be A Food Saver - Food Waste Upgrade Workshop
惜食你有份 - 剩食升級工作坊
Professional Chef from Food Grace
Coming soon
Oct 2020The Clothing Cycle - A Talk on Fast Fashion & Clothes Recycling
「衣」尚往來 - 談快速時尚與衣物回收
Ms. Corane Chu,
Circular Fashion Programme Manager, Redress
Coming soon
Oct 2020From Waste to Resources - Visit to the New Life Plastics
由廢物至資源 - 塑新生回收廠參觀
Ms. Jennifer Cheng,
Marketing and Communications Manager, New Life Plastics Ltd
Coming soon



Term 2, 2021-22

Date Event Highlight
Mar 2022 No More Plastic Action - Seminar on Municipal Solid Waste Charging
全城「絕膠」大行動 - 了解都市固體廢物收費
Ms. Yip Chui Man
Assistant Project Manager, Greeners Action
Coming soon
Mar 2022 Green Online Shopping
Ms. Polly Ma
Senior Project Officer, Green Sense
Coming soon
Mar 2022 ECF The Big Cleanup - Community-based Action Programme on Coastal Cleaning - Knowledge Sharing on Coastal Cleaning
環保基金 海洋大「塑」除 - 海灘清潔知識分享會
Ms. Yoyo Wan
Senior Project Officer, Jane Goodall Institute HK
Coming soon
Apr 2022 Sustainable Fashion: Renewable and Recycled Materials
八大續綠日常 (新常態篇)
Ronnie Tung
(Strategy & New Project Lead of HKRITA (The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel)
Coming soon
Apr 2022 Sustianable Fashion: Circular Fashion
Corane Chu
Circular Fashion Programme Manager of Redress
Coming soon
May 2022 Dialogue with Professors I & II
Prof. PITTMAN Michael
Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences, CUHK
Prof. WANG Yuhong
Associat  Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, PolyU
Coming soon



Term 1, 2021-22

Date Event Highlight
Oct 2021 Appreciation and Cultural Bearing Role of Gems and Jades
Prof. Mao Guangzhou
(Professor, College of Earth Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology)
Coming soon
Oct 2021 Documentary Screening – Sea of Noise: Marine Pollution and Local Conservation of Marine Biodiversity
《聲之海》紀錄片欣賞會 - 香港海洋污染與本地海洋生物多樣性保育
Dr. Anthony Lau
Research Assistant Professor, Science Unit
Coming soon
Nov 2021 Sharks in Crisis
Ms. Andrea Richey
Education Director of Hong Kong Shark Foundation
Coming soon
Nov 2021 Mass Extinction Events On Earth And Implications For Humanity
Dr. Deng Changzhou
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute Of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Coming soon



Term 2, 2020-21

Date Event Highlight
Apr 2021 Fear Not! Snake Education – Natural History of Snakes in Hong Kong
Prof. Sung Yik Hei (Assistant Professor, Science Unit)
Apr 2021 Seasonal Food - Importance of Green Consumption
不時不吃 - 環保消費的重要性
Tutor from Natural Network (NGO)
video video
Apr 2021 The Making of Breathing Room
Miss Daphne Wong (Documentary Director)
Mar 2021 Sustainable Living (#NewNormal Edition) (1 ILP Unit for each event)
八大續綠日常 (新常態篇)
Representatives from the HKSCC

Event 1 - Meditation and stretching experience
Event 2 - Exercise Snacking - Your Future Exercise Trend
Event 3 - Building a Sustainable Future: What Psychology & Social Sciences Can Offer
Event 4 - Food and Sustainability from the Lens of Hong Kong Food Production
Event 5 - Smart Recycling

Feb 2021 Nature-inspired Arts and Literature: Hong Kong Wildlife through the Eyes of an Artist
Miss Ip Hiu Man Human (Artist and Writer)



Term 1, 2020-21

Date Event Highlight
Oct 2020Build Back Better - Re-imagining Plastic Economy in the Post COVID Era
Guest Speaker from A Plastic Ocean (NGO)
Oct 2020Practice on Household Waste Audit and Clean Recycling



Term 2, 2019-20

Date Event Highlight
April 2020Ecological Impacts of Exotic Turtles in Hong Kong: What You Should Know and What You Can Do
Prof. Sung Yik Hei
(Assistant Professor, Science Unit)
April 2020Global Warming – Impact and Solutions
Prof. Zhou Jing
(Associate Professor, College of Life Sciences, Qufu Normal University)



Term 1, 2019-20

Date Event Highlight
4/11/2019 Climate Policy Simulation (COP25)
Hong Kong America Center (HKAC)
Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (OWLHK)
The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong (JGIHK)
23/10/2019 Circular Economy: Toward More Profitable, More Sustainable Industry
Prof. Scott Valentine
(Associate Dean, Sustain and Urban Plan, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)
posterphotos video
12/10/2019 Family Science Day
Prof. Mark McGINLEY, Professor, Science Unit
10/10/2019 Toy Upcycling Workshop: Say NO to the culture of disposability
再生玩具工作坊:向即棄文化說不 做個「惜玩」之人

Tutors of Anew Toys (再生玩具店)
19/9/2019 Documentary Screening – Breathing Room: Marine Pollution and Changes to Natural Ecology
《白海豚失樂園》紀錄片欣賞會 - 香港海洋污染與自然生態變遷
Miss Daphne Wong (Documentary Director)
Miss Viena Mak (Spokesman, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society)
Prof. Sung Yik Hei (Assistant Professor, Science Unit)



Term 2, 2018-19

Date Event Highlight
10/5/2019 Using DNA Methods to Conserve Korea’s Amphibians
Dr. Min Mi-Sook
(Research Professor, Research Institute for Veterinary Science and Conservation Genome Resource Bank for Korean Wildlife (CGRB),
College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University)
11/4/2019 Making Zero Impact Fashionable

Ms. Karen Ho
(Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability)

Ms. Toby Crispy & Ms. Kay Wong
(Founder of Fashion Clinic)

Mr. Wilson Lam
(Project Manager, Clothing Industry Training Authority)
28/3/2019 「腸」話短說—腸道微生物與人類健康
Intestinal Microbes and Human Health

posterphotos video
14/3/2019 垃圾分類及乾淨回收工作坊—探討都市固體廢物問題及校園回收的重要性
Waste Sorting and Clean Recycling Workshop – Exploring municipal solid waste problem and the importance of recycling on campus
11/3/2019 - 17/3/2019 Joint University Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO posterphotos
28/2/2019 Air Pollution Exposure for Active Mode Commuters and the Influence of Urban Transport Infrastructure
Dr. Kim Natasha Dirks
(Associate Professor, School of Population Health, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland)
posterphotos video
19/2/2019 Insect Chemical Ecology: Bugs can be chemists, too
Dr. Stephen Deyrup
(Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Siena College, United States)
posterphotos video
22/1/2019 Make Invisible Visible – Engaging Students through Community-Based Research, Ecological Communications, and Systems Design Thinking
Dr. John Petersen
(Paul Sears Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology, Oberlin College)

Dr. Cynthia Frantz
(Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies, Oberlin College)



Term 1, 2018-19

Date Event Highlight
1/11/2018 Location Intelligence in Smart City

Sr. Paul H.Y. Tsui
(Managing Director, Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited)
poster photos video
4/10/2018 《森林的法則》- 生態桌遊工作坊
poster photos
27/9/2018 Film Screening – The True Cost: Fair Trade and Green Consumption

Mr. Willy Kwong
(Executive Director of The Jane Goodall Institute)
Ms. Kayla Wong
(Founder of Basics for Basics)
poster photos
13/9/2018 Studies of Fungi and Applications to Public Health

Prof. Lim Young Woon
(Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University)
poster photos video



Term 2, 2017-18

Date Event Highlight
10 May 18 The Quality of Urban Life: What It's About and How We Measure It 

Prof. Bob STIMSON, Honorary Professor in Geography, The University of Melbourne
poster photos
12 Apr 18 The Climate Crisis: Flood Risk Management Strategies and Coastal City Development
Dr. Faith CHAN, Assistant Professor, School of Geography, University of Nottingham, Ningbo campus
poster photos video
22 Mar 18 Film Screening – A Plastic Ocean: Plastic Pollution and Impact on Sea Habitant
《塑膠海洋》電影欣賞會 –塑膠污染和解決之道
Prof. Mark McGINLEY, Professor, Science Unit
Mr. Willy Kwong, Executive Director, The Jane Goodall Institute HK
poster photos
15 Mar 18 Film Screening - Plastic China: Waste Management and Environmental Protection
《塑料王國》電影欣賞會 –廢物管理與環境保護

Prof. Paulina WONG, Assistant Professor, Science Unit
Mr. Allan WONG, Founder of Chun Shing Limited
poster photos
10 Mar 18 Family Science Day
Prof. Mark McGINLEY, Professor, Science Unit
8 Mar 18 Inspiration of AlphaGo – Machine Learning: From Efficiency to Intelligence
Dr. ZHANG Kun, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
poster photos video
1 Mar 18 Species Diversity in the Yangtze River Basin
Prof. SHU Feng Yue, Professor, College of Life Sciences, Qufu Normal University
poster photos video



Term 1, 2017-18

Date Event Highlight
2 Nov 17 The Days after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Its Impact on Society and the Current Status
福島核災之後 – 談談核災對社會的影響及其現況
Prof. LAU Kin Chi, Associate Professor, Cultural Studies
poster photos
21 Oct 17 Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions - Science Tour
本科入學資訊日 - 科學導賞團

Prof. Paulina WONG & Dr. Anthony LAU
poster photos
12 Oct 17 Film Screening - Carbon Nation: Climate Change and Solutions
《低碳國度》電影欣賞會 – 氣候變化和解決之道
Prof. Paulina WONG, Assistant Professor, Science Unit
Mr. Terence TANG, Education Manager, The Conservancy Association
poster photos
28 Sep 17 Sustainability Thinking: How to build the skills to solve problems in the 21st century
可持續思維: 建構21世紀解難技巧

Prof. Davis BOOKHART, Senior Manager and Head of the Sustainability Unit, Assistant Adjunct Professor of the Division of Environment and Sustainability, HKUST
poster photos



Term 2, 2016-17

Date Event
10 Apr 17Thinking Small: the Role of Self-Assembly Strategies in Designing Nanoarchitectures
Dr. Lee PARK, William R. Kenan, Jr Professor of Chemistry, Williams College, USA
5 Apr 17How Reptiles can Inform Genome Science
Dr. Matthew FUJITA, Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Arlington
1 Mar 17Dance with Sea Turtles – Research and Conservation
Dr. LIN Liu, Lecturer of HaiNan Normal University, China



Term 1, 2016-17

Date Event
7 Dec 16 Species Diversity and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles in Thailand
Prof. Anchalee Aowphol, Kasetsart University, Dept. of Zoology, Thailand
30 Nov 16 Impacts of Exotic Herpetofauna on the Ecosystem in Hong Kong
Dr. Yik Hei SUNG, Lecturer of Biology, HKBU
16 Nov 16 Conservation Work outside Hong Kong: How Does a Hong Kong Guy Work without Wifi & Computer in a Forest
Dr. Jay WAN, Director of Coalition for Research on Ecology & Wildlife Ltd.
9 Nov 16 Ecology of Pastures: Cows, Carbon, Climate
Prof. Jose Wellington Alves dos Santos, Federal Institute of Brasilia, Biological Sciences, Brazil
2 Nov 16 Conserving Hong Kong’s Biodiversity
Dr. Jackie YIP, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Dept.)



Term 2, 2015-16

Date Event
6 Apr 16 Conserving SE Asian Biodiversity
Prof. Mark McGINLEY
2 Mar 16 Climate Change and its Impacts on Hong Kong
Prof. Jonathan FONG
17 Feb 16 Coral Reefs: Biodiversity and Beauty at Risk
Prof. Mark McGINLEY