The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research Achievements



  • McGinley, M. 2018 (in press) University Students Teaching Environmental Science to Primary School Students as Service-Learning: Lessons Learned. SHS Web of Conference.  The 6th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service Learning.
  • Lin L, Hu Q, Fong JJ, Yang J, Chen Z, Zhou F, Wang J, Xiao F, Shi H (2018) Reproductive ecology of the endangered Beal’s-eyed turtle, Sacalia bealei. PeerJ 6: e4997. DOI: 10.7717/peerj.4997.

  • Sun A, Tian L, Cao W, Lai PC, Wong PPY, Lee R, Mason T, Kramer A, Wong CY (2018) Urban climate modified short-term association of air pollution with pneumonia mortality in Hong Kong, Science of the Total Environment, (In Press) 

  • Lai PC, Wong PYP, Cheng W, Thach TQ, Choi C, Wong MS, Kra ̈mer A, Wong CM, (2018) Constructing a Map of Physiological Equivalent Temperature by Spatial Analysis Techniques in Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems, Huang, B. (ed.), pp. 389-401.

  • Zhang JJ, Wong PPY, Lai PC (2018) A geographic analysis of hosts' irritation levels towards mainland Chinese cross-border day-trippers, Tourism Management, 68, 367-374.

  • Yang Y, Tang R, Qiu H, Lai PC, Wong P, Thach TQ, Allen R, Brauer M, Tian L, Barratt B, (2018) Long term exposure to air pollution and mortality in an elderly cohort in Hong Kong, Environment International, 117, 99-106. 

  • Lai PC, Chen S, Low CT, Cerin E, Stimson R, Wong PYP (2018) Neighborhood Variation of Sustainable Urban Morphological Characteristics, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(3), 465. 

  • Tang R, Tian L, Thach TQ, Tsui TH, Brauer M, Lee M, Allen R, Yuchi W, Lai PC, Wong PYP, Barratt B, (2018) Integrating travel behavior with land use regression to estimate dynamic air pollution exposure in Hong Kong, Environment International, 113, 100-108.

  • Low CT, Lai PC, Yeung P, Siu A, Leung K, Wong PYP, (2018) Temperature and Age-gender Effects on Out-of- hospital Cardiac Arrest Cases, Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine, SAGE Publications, First online on 5 Jan 2018, DOI: 10.1177/1024907917751301

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  • Fong JJ, Sung YH (2017) Shells in trouble—turtle ecology, conservation, and the Asian Turtle Crisis. Frontiers for Young Minds 5: DOI:10.3389/frym.2017.00068.

  • Fong JJ, Grioni A, Crow P, Cheung K (2017) Morphological and genetic verification of Ovophis tonkinensis (Bourret, 1934) in Hong Kong. Herpetology Notes 10: 457–461.

  • Park J, Kim I, Fong JJ, Koo K, Choi W, Tsai T, Park D (2017) Northward dispersal of sea kraits (Laticauda semifasciata) beyond their typical range. PLoS One 12: e0179871.

  • Lee WD, Fong JJ, Eimes JA, Lim YW (2017) Metagenomic diversity of human-pathogenic fungal diversity associated with urban pigeon feces. Molecular Ecology 26: 4574–4585.

  • Yang B, Zhou Y, Min M, Matsui M, Dong B, Li P, Fong JJ (2017) Diversity and phylogeography of Northeast Asian brown frogs allied to Rana dybowskii (Anura, Ranidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 112: 148–157.
  • Lin Y, Chen Y, Yi C, Fong JJ, Kim W, Rius M, Zhan A (2017) Genetic signatures of rapid local adaptation in a model invasive ascidian. Scientific Reports 7: 44080.
  • Gong S, Shi H, Jiang A, Fong JJ, Gaillard D, Wang J (2017) Disappearance of endangered species within China’s nature reserves. Current Biology 27: R170–R171.



  • Oh S, Fong JJ, Park MS, Lim YW (2016) Distinctive feature of microbial communities and bacterial functional profiles in Tricholoma mastutake dominant soil. PloS ONE, 11:e0168573. 
  • Fong JJ, Cho H, Park MS, Lim YW (2016) Evaluating seasonality and pathogenicity of Aeromonas in Korea using environmental DNA. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology, & Environmental Sciences, 18: 605-613.

  • Fong JJ, Li P-P, Yang B-T, Zhou Z-Y, Leache AD, Min M-S, Waldman B (2016) Influence of geology and human activity on the genetic structure and demography of the Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 97: 69–75.


Grants and Fellowship

2016 - 2018

  • Croucher Chinese Visitorship (HKD 144,000) Visitorship of Prof. DING Li (Hainan Normal University), February-August 2019.
  • Environment and Conservation Fund. Eploring WILD Lantau (PI: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong; Co-organizer: Science Unit). HK$1,887,906.
  • Lingnan University Teaching Development Grant. The Application of Web Geographic Information System (Web GIS) in Students’ Smart Learning on a Smart Green Campus. (PPS: Paulina Wong; Co-S: Rosiah HO). HKD$199,975.
  • Lingnan University Teaching Development Grant. Foster active learning through flipped classroom (102463) (Co-S: M. A. McGinley, Paulina Wong). HKD$19,990.
  • Environment and Conservation Fund. Joyful learning in forest ecology—Board game - Outdoor - Environmental Education (PI: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong; Co-organizer: Science Unit). HK$736,616.
  • Lingnan University Research Seed Fund (102344) (PI: Paulina Wong). HKD$40,000.
  • Croucher Chinese Visitorship (HKD 144,000) Visitorship of Dr. SHU Fengyue (Qufu Normal University), December 2017-May 2018.
  • Lingnan University Teaching Development Grants. Flipping the Classroom: developing a New Core Curriculum Science Course at LU (PI: M. A. McGinley). $159,890.
  • Lingnan University Knowledge Transfer Project Fund. Developing intergenerational education partnerships to encourage conservation of reptiles and amphibians in Hong Kong (PI: M. A. McGinley; Co-I: Fong JJ). HK$69,850.
  • Lingnan University Office of Service Learning Mini-Grant. Ecology: The Science of Environmental Issues (CLD9017). Enhancing knowledge transfer from service-learning to local schools (PI: M. A. McGinley). HK$29,800.
  • Ocean Park Conservation Fund Hong Kong (OPCFHK). Safeguarding turtle populations in Hong Kong (PI: Yik-Hei SUNG; Co-I: Fong JJ). HK$576,960.
  • Environment and Conservation Fund. Filling the knowledge gap – current status of endangered freshwater turtles (PI: Yik-Hei SUNG; Co-I: Fong JJ). HK$497,720.
  • Croucher Chinese Visitorship (HKD 144,000) Visitorship of Dr. LIN Liu (Hainan Normal University), February-August 2017.
  • RGC Early Career Scheme (HKD 984,523) "Developing environmental DNA approaches to study the ecology and conservation of endangered Hong Kong turtles", 2016-2020.

as of February 2018