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Research Achievements


Grants and Fellowship (2020-22)

No. Grant PI Amount (HKD)
1.GRF. Conservation genomics of two endangered Hong Kong turtles—the big-headed turtle (Platysternon megacephalum) and Beal’s eyed turtle (Sacalia bealei)Fong1,032,078
2.OPCF. Assessing the genetic diversity and ecological role of the endangered wattle-necked softshell turtle (Palea steindachneri) through the study of remnant populationsFong297,700
3.GRF. Disentangling the influence of ecology and evolution on the host microbiome relationship in amphibiansFong979,627
4.IIF. Establishing an affordable, accessible solution to the water challenges in developing countriesFong90,000
5.GEF. Urban Ecology x GIS: Talent Education Programmes for Gifted Students (LU Part)Wong34,900
6.Consultancy Research Project with Australian Catholic University. The International Mind, Activities, and urban Places in Hong Kong Study (iMAP Hong Kong Study): Building the evidence base on the relationships between environment, active living and cognitive healthWong 28,200
7.ITF. A Smart Intelligent GeoAI Solution to Predict & Tackle Mosquito-borne Diseases in Hong KongWong3,601,171
8.Lingnan University Direct Grant. Effects of socio-environmental factors on student's behaviourWong80,000
9.Lingnan University Direct Grant. A low cost approach to monitor noise and air pollution in a subtropical metropolitan cityWong80,000
10.Lingnan University Faculty Research Grant. Rethinking the Air Pollution Problems and Policies in Hong KongWong50,000
11.Lingnan University Faculty Research Grant. Assessing Various Air Quality Measures and their Impact on Quality of Life in Hong KongWong50,000
12.Croucher Foundation Visitorship 2022-23 for PRC ScholarsGeng144,000
13.ECF. Territory-wide environmental DNA (eDNA) survey on distribution and status of invasive freshwater fish and crayfishLau500,000
14.ECS. Evaluating the effects of chemical defense, parasitism, and anthropogenic disturbance on Hong Kong newt survival: A comprehensive approach to endangered species managementLau1,118,601
16.Lam Woo Research Fund. Post-disturbance recovery of amphibian and reptile communities in secondary forests in Hong KongLau176,920
17.ECF. Assessing the efficacy of ecological enhancements in Hong Kong’s river channels for mitigating the fragmentation of freshwater animal communitiesLiew998,000
18.LCF: A comprehensive survey of the diadromous animals of Lantau: assessment of distribution, population status, and conservation strategiesLiew1,785,000
19.Lam Woo Research Fund. Assessing the role of microbial communities in regulating stream carbon dynamics Liew447,000
20.Lingnan University Direct Grant. Pilot project for an updated approach to isoscape modelling using amino acid-specific Carbon-13 isotopesLiew79,800
21.AFCD. Camera Surveillance & Trap Search in Freshwater Turtle Population Key SitesSung2,688,000
22.ECF. Uncover the underground – Distribution and population status of endemic blind snakes and Bogadek’s burrowing lizardsSung482,400
23.ECS. Population dynamics of endangered freshwater turtles—from long-term monitoring to tangible conservation actionsSung979,374
24.OPCF. New technological and traditional behavioral approaches for freshwater turtle conservationSung392,680 
25.OPCF. Provision of Population Viability Analyses Service of the Macaque Population in Hong Kong Countryside (LU Part)Sung745,000
26.CEDD. Provision of Services for Study on Designs of Wildlife Friendly Measures in Catchwaters in LantauSung988,000
27.Lingnan University Direct Grant. Using stable isotope analysis to advance ecological research and conservation of endangered freshwater turtlesSung80,000
28.The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Smart and Responsible Consumption: Engaging Students for Disposable-Free LifestylesSU (CO-I)16,000,000