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Students' Sharing

CLD9008 CLD9017 CLD9018 CLD9022 CLD9024


CLD9008 Life Sciences: The Way Life Works


Sandy FUNG 
Contemporary English Studies Year 2 (2016-17 intake)

Interactive Activities for Critical Thinking

CLD9008 gives me an insight into how life functions for plants and animals, as well as chances to reflect on some critical topics, e.g. the debate between science and religion. Though I’m an Art student with only a brief understanding of science, the course materials are mostly manageable.


More importantly, topics covered are highly related to our lives and environment, which are worth knowing and beneficial to raise the awareness of environmental protection. Ranging from lectures and discussions to field trips and board games, the diverse teaching methods do enhance students' interest to learn. Overall, I think it’s a meaningful and rather fun course that you may take!


Angela LAM 
Social Science - Psychology Year 3 (2015-16 intake)

Brand-new Experience in Learning Science

CLD9008 introduces how organisms interact with the world and the environment. This course helps us comprehend our basic knowledge about biology and its relationship with our environment. Students have the opportunities to explore a wide range of topics in science, and introduce them in their poster assignments. Besides, there were some interesting class activities to enhance the students’ understanding towards some concepts and lecture materials. I do appreciate that this class has given me another delightful perspective on science.

CLD9017 Ecology: the Science of Environmental Issues


Mirth TANG
Psychology Year 3 (2014-15 intake)

Life-changing Science Cluster Course

I took an intriguing and meaningful science course, CLD9017 Ecology: the Science of Environmental Issues. Learning science in such an interactive and pleasurable way made my university life much more enjoyable!


This course contains a component of service-learning, in which students apply the knowledge they have learnt in class to service by designing and teaching a 5-week science course for a primary school nearby. This course did not only enrich my knowledge of ecology but also encourage me to explore ecology in another part of the world.


In January 2017, I went to Mauritius, Africa, to experience the wildlife eco-system there. Without taking this course, I will never have the courage and interest to join an overseas ecology trip. Taking this course really is life-changing to me!

CLD9018 Natural History of Hong Kong


Chinese Year 4 (2013-14 intake)

Adventures Outside the Classroom

CLD9018 was the best class that I took at Lingnan. The class was lots of fun with the weekly field trips. I learnt a lot more about nature, e.g. birds, insects, landscape and so much more. HK is our home, while I never realised the beauty of this land. After this class, I paid more attention to my surroundings and started to appreciate it.


If you are an adventrous person, who loves to learn outside the classroom and appreciates to think outside the box, this is the perfect class for you.

CLD9022 The Process of Science


Wilson YEUNG
Social Sciences Year 2 (2016-17 intake)

Cluster Course for Problem-Solving

CLD9022 guided me step by step to learn what science is and how it works to address global challenges. We were asked to analyze a specific problem that interests us in our own independent research project. My project is to analyze an interesting question about sexual selection: “Are men more attracted to women with makeup?” After this course, I am able to appreciate science and to apply it to answer many daily life questions.

CLD9024 Mapping Our Changing World


Contemporary English Studies Year 3 (2015-16 intake)

Geographical Knowledge Applicable to Everyday Life

In CLD9024, I have learnt a lot of practical concepts in Geography that can be easily applied to our daily life. Under the guidance of the course instructor, I also learnt to create maps on my own. I used to be a student bad at Geography. After taking this course, I have overcome my weakness and am now able to answer questions with maps, as well as to create my own secret maps!